Saturday, May 24, 2014

WEWRIWA Submission 5-25-14

I keep envisioning this person, this Master of Snakes. Serr’s influence grows strong, and they permit Serr to speak on their behalf. But they quickly grow tired of Serr’s words. They attempt to quiet the SnakeCharmer, banish Serr from the world. A cage envelops the Master, only to be broken by the serpents Serr controls. There are always two beasts, they coil around the brittle metal and snap it to pieces with their power. So they build stronger cages to capture the Master. And each time, the serpents are undaunted, tearing apart each prison just as quickly as the last, and each time, the people’s stubbornness grows, never ceasing to try and contain the Snake Master.

-Excerpt from The Mad Books, Chapter of The Serpent written by Loremaster Drakel’Ai


Okay, I'm probably going to need to talk a little about this one. Nara's native language does not have gender-based pronouns. They are all referred to by their career pronouns. Since it is unclear to Loremaster what the SnakeCharmer does as a profession in his dreams, he refers the person by the neutral Serr, which translates to "Peer" or "Familiar." There are other forms of this word: Serr'Kahn, meaning "Student" or "Lower rank," Serr'Maht, meaning "Teacher." or "Revered," and Ahm'Serr, which is given to foreign humans and other races that have earned enough trust and respect.

So there's that then.

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