Saturday, May 3, 2014

WEWRIWA Submission - 5-4-14

The rain had started again in the Undercity, saturating the pavement with its marginally toxic drops. Nara looked up at the sky, pausing for a moment of reflection, then inhaled deeply, letting out a loud sigh.
“Well, then, now that I have a burst of mental clarity, let’s go get shitfaced,” Nara said and started walking again.
“Wait, what? You serious?” Garrett felt slightly ill at the notion; the air inside the parlor was not kind to him.
“Yep. Drinks are on me.”


A little snippet of the chapter I am working on (I HAVE FINISHED WITH THREE WHOOHOOO!! *ahem*). They had just left a tattoo parlor and off to seek more adventures.

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