Monday, June 2, 2014

Sleepless Flame Weekly Summary Report:


Chapter 5 has been put into Beta. It had been finished at 19 pages with page 19 covering 75% text, and the word count at 13,229.
I have begun work on Chapter 6. I am on page 4 of 23 and the current word count is 15,743. Page 23 is covered in 50% text.

Chapter 6 is about 75% completed story-wise. There is a vital scene that has never been written that I have yet to obtain inspiration for. When I have, however, this scene will probably push this chapter to one of my largest pieces so far.

Goals for Next Week:

Get a significant chunk of the editing done up to the missing section, as well as have a good idea about what should go on in the hole. My editing time has been reduced, however, since I have to dedicate some time in creating inventory for a show taking place in July.

Personal Impressions:

This piece probably has had some of the most significant revisions out of any chapter I have worked on. A lot of soul has gone into this segment, but it is still not finished. This is one of the longer chapters in the novel, and editing an expansive piece will always take far more time than I anticipate.
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