Saturday, June 7, 2014

WEWRIWA Submission 6-8-14

The dealer, still sitting in bewilderment in his wine soaked seat, had finally gained a realization of what had just happened, and pulled out a weapon of his own. In a dazed action, he raised his gun up, squeezing the trigger in unconscious response. Three rapid fire strikes managed to hit Nara in the same spot, piercing through her armor and boring into shoulder. His nerves suddenly fluttered away from him as she slowly craned her neck, leering at the offending creature. She began to stand from her cover, reaching out to wrap her hands around his slimy neck.

Comprehending the severity of his situation, he suddenly stood up and bolted for the door, shoving the grunts out of his way with surprisingly impressive strength. She vaulted over the flipped table and considered chasing after him as her armor slid over her superficial wound.


A little bit of the previous chapter I was working on. A fun little bar scene.

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