Saturday, July 26, 2014

WEWRIWA Submission 7-27-14

After ten minutes of uncomfortable waiting, the scientist had apparently engrossed himself with a project, and gave no indication when he would be leaving. As Nara quietly eased herself into slightly less scrunched position, she flipped on a program inside her visor.

A colorful spaceship emerged on the screen, darting around her vision as it anticipated an onslaught. Menacing glowing enemy ships appeared form the top of her view, zooming in on the hero. With her commands, the spaceship charged to intercept the invaders. One by one, the enemies vanished from the display with a tiny burst of an explosion. The score numbers at the top of her screen began to increase exponentially as she progressed, and more ships began to spawn at every side of the screen.


Well, what else are you going to do when trapped inside enemy territory?

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