Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sleepless Flame Weekly Summary Report:


The Red Phase of Chapter 6 has been eliminated, one more pass through and it should be in Beta. It is 31 pages with 20,875 words, and page 31 is 95% covered in text.

Goals for Next Week:

Finish the final pass through then send it to Beta, as well as moving headway into Chapter 7.

Personal Thoughts about Progress:

Well, that one was a lot rougher than I initially thought, but I am glad it is nearing completion. Next chapter is another painful one, but it is the last chunk for my next milestone. This chapter has parts I am not sure I want to include, and I question how it progresses the plot, but it will take some thinking over. The next milestone, however will involve me going through every notebook I have scrawled in and making sure I have digitized or inserted my ideas into current chapters. And there are a shitton of notebooks.
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