Saturday, August 16, 2014

WEWRIWA Submission 8-17

She made her way over to a sweet smelling truck deviously wafting spicy fumes into the air. She glanced over the foodstuffs on display, tracing her eyes over the ropes of brilliantly colored, rock-like chunks draping over the window. Mounds of biscuits and cakes decorated with fruit were stacked neatly into pyramids, tempting her with a sugary vice. A small wood grill beckoned her attention over with its smoky-scented allure, crackling seductively as it softly charred an orderly row of skewers. She obeyed the calling, placing an order to the truck owner in Darktrade. She then leaned on the counter to wait for her delectable prize.


Yay street food. The best tasting food ever.

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