Saturday, October 4, 2014

WEWRIWA Submission: 10-5-14

Garrett was taking in the sights, thrilled that his plan was working to a point. But his enjoyment was abruptly halted as a floating billboard suddenly headed right for them. His heart rammed its way up to his throat as he realized what was playing on the feed.

The screen broadcasted a replay of a news report on a merger signing that his father recently orchestrated. Garrett’s uncomfortable, formally dressed form was visible in the background, shaking hands with several corporate heads.

Oh, fuck, he cursed in his head. Not now, please.

The walkways were closed off by railings, and there nearest intersection was too far away. He had no way to avoid it without making a public spectacle.


Trying to hide the fact that you are actually worth trillions is pretty had to do.

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