Saturday, January 3, 2015

WEWRIWA Submission 1-4-15

Fake was certainly one of the most appropriate adjectives to describe Light’s End. Its name was also ironic, as it was brightly lit by giant beacons bordering the perimeter, matching the intensity of the environment in Uppercity. Consumers with smiles programmed into their faces shopped in security as the corporate police force made their rounds through the crowd, sponsored by Galavantier Corp.

Though the place was swarming with people, the level of noise was considerably less chaotic than typical Undercity markets. Everyone was content in conversing at murmured tones, unlike the constant argumentative shouts of vicious hagglers found deeper in Under.

Vendors here appeared more like showman rather than salesman, dressed in costume of what was the generally accepted dress of the common Undercity dweller. Brightly colored fabrics with geometric patterns were stitched into baggy tents that covered their torsos, while contrasting leggings wrapped their appendages in a garish display. The merchants also had a quiet, polite demeanor, much in contrast to the aggressive cutthroats Garrett was accustomed to.


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