Saturday, February 21, 2015

WEWRIWA Submission: 2-22-15

“I…hear…you…are looking…for someone.” The mysterious stranger drew back his hood, revealing his face in the light.

Cain's eyes widened at the twisted reflection of his own image. 

Both of the man's eyes were red, and they were the most stable looking feature of him. His flesh was marred by what appeared to be scars created by electric shock, the Lichtenberg patterns stretching out like the branches of a dead tree. He had gaping holes in his cheek and jaw that appeared as if they had been eroded by wind, revealing a shiny silver mandible underneath. His lips were permanently etched into a crooked smile.

My god, he thought, that’s my voice coming out of that wretch’s lips.


Ahhh, poor #693. So naive...

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