Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Because I am still in denial that Halloween ended over four months ago, I have started planning out my October festivities because I am a sad, pathetic little creature. A small but exciting brainwave later, I conjured up a lovely little project I plan on sharing with you. BUT YOU WILL NOT SEE IT TILL OCTOBER BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

.....hahaha. .....ha. *ahem*

Anyway. Last week I have collected an assortment of crafting materials to play around with and really dig deep into the technique. And because most people will forget about this post, I decided to share with you a few findings.

So I started a few dabblings blindly with basic knowledge of how to make the thing go, with mixed, and mostly undesirable results:

But hey, at least I can go to a rave after all the science:

After the hangover, I tinkered a bit more with  OTHER THINGS and tried again, this time with better results:

But I still have ONE LAST THING to try before I make my final conclusions.....which will have to wait until I can get some more money.....

And remember, kids, it's not science until you write shit down:

....I'm going to go get a cookie.

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