Monday, April 11, 2016


I have recently purchased the spring Beautycon BFF Box that was curated by Bunny or Grav3yardGirl on Youtube. And that was literally the only reason why I bought it in the first damn place because holy hell, 36$ is a bit much for me to shell out monthly for products I'm not sure about.

Also, I know my picture formatting is fucked, but that's because Chrome has been acting weird all day and getting really pissy for no apparent reason...

Check out my obnoxious unboxening video here:

You may or may not notice, I had a bit of a lackluster enthusiasm with this one. Mostly because this supposedly touted $130 worth of product, and I simply don't think I got that worth.

Though I will say, I really loved the personal items that were picked out based on her loves:

Namely, a spooky babydoll keychain xD

She also had some artwork done on the intro card that showed all of the items you go in the box.

And some custom nail wraps made, which I have never tried before, and that was super exciting.

Much to my surprise, I didn't find them a total pain in the ass to apply. And if I had actually nail scissors, application would probably have been easier. I picked the goldfish because I am obsessed. Unfortunately, I probably won't be adventuring much with nail wraps because at their current price point, it just isn't as effective as gels at home. I did notice that these wraps in particular were super absorbent. It took like three coats of topcoat to get a reasonable glossy finish. Might just be me though, my hands just might be made of a PRIMORDIAL SPACE VORTEX THAT SUCK UP ALL MANICURES. Could be true, you never know.

Then there were these hair ties, which I will not be using because they cannot contain the Klingon properly. (For those of you new here, that is what I refer my hair as.)

Next up there was a set of micro beauty blenders, and I was actually pretty excited to get the legit brand. I am a cheapass and I really don't like spending 20$ on tools.

Then there was a full size lipstick from Pacifica, a brand I generally am pleased with. It is the POWER OF LOVE color which is supposed to make you more virile, or something. I liked the shade on me, it's like a terra cotta ish thing with a little mroe red in the back. I think I am going to pass this one off to someone else just starting on makeup however since a lot of my looks I don't have use for the color. It's also VEGAN too, so if you're into that.

Then there was a full size bottle of Nyx Matte Finish setting spray. People have been raving for this, but I personally don't like matte finish that much. No matter how much I use, I always end up looking like a desert. Cactuses and all (DON'T CORRECT ME ON THE PROPER FORM OF CACTUS). As far as I know it let my makeup stay in place, but I didn't test it out much more than a few hours.

Next on to the stuff I was rather mediocre about:
There was a full size packet of Garnier SkinActive Clean+ (because we need MOAR CLEAN) Purifying oil free towlettes.
Which was nice, until it melted my face off. Which is not unusual for me, my face is the weirdest temperamental diva I have ever encountered. I can put the cheapest shit on my face and it will be totally fine but cleansers make it scream pain. a lot. ANYWAYS.
I really hated not liking these because it SMELLED AMAZING. like this minty fairy land with a semi medicinal waft. But in a good way. It did however leave a residue and made me feel like I needed to wash my face afterwards anyways. You know, even after the burnyness.

Then there were a couple of skincare samples. Which, I really am not a fan of this corporate trend of making samples VALUED AT X DOLLARS PER OUNCE!!!! Because they are SAMPLES. They are supposed to be freebies that you TRY OUT before you shell out UNGODLY AMOUNTS OF MONEY for the full size product so that you know if it works for you or not. So ultimately, I didn't include these in the total value of the box. Because they are samples.

First up was this Glam Glow YOUTHMUD tingle exfoliate treatment.

Now, what I thought they meant as tingle and what THEY thought was tingle ARE TWO SEPARATE CONCEPTS. See, what I pictured as tingle was "Ooo, a little stingy and kinda minty itchy." What THEY meant was JUST LIGHT YOUR FUCKING SKIN ON FIRE. DO IT YOU WEAK BITCH.

Mind you, that could be my skin issues again rebelling against things that are good for it. Much to say the least, I did not wait the full ten minutes for the treatment.

There were these weird chunky tea leaves in the mask though. So, that's a thing...? Also it sucked because it smelled magical too. Like a citrusy, fruity type thing with a little herbal hint.

Then there was a Murad Sunscreen/moisturizer. And I'm like cool, I was in the market for another moistur.....HOLY FUCK THIS SHITS 60$?!?!?!?!

Welp, that was nice while it lasted. I won't be buying again. That being said, I guess it did it's job. It absorbed pretty quickly, a little thicker than an average moisturizer. The smell confused me, it was like sunscreen with hint of green pepper....idfk.

Next was a total flop. There was this Maybelline The ROCK Nudes palette. And I love the colors:

But the color payout is total shit:


There's not a whole lot more I can say about that. I rarely find Drugstore eyeshadows I like. The colors just don't promise what's in the palette.

Then finally there was this little gem that made things both good and bad:

A 20$ gift certificate for Dolls Kill, a pretty spiffy alternative clothing shop. Good because this basically made the box only 16$. Bad, because who the fuck can spend only 20$ at a store like that????

I mean it is pretty much just one lipstick....

SPEAKING OF...this is what I got:


And this lipstick, which I bought purely for the packaging, I'll admit, but I do love the color as well. Just kinda hard to match for me right now.  This is Bruja from Lunatik Cosmetic Labs and I NEED everything they make:

The swatches are much more pink in the photos than real life, but it is this grey purple/lavender that makes the perfect dead girl look.

I'm thinking about pairing it with a mint green eye. Also I can't really wear it on camera because it pretty much matches my backdrop wall >.<

So basically, I got a free lipstick with the purchase of a bag....a 40$ bag.....I'm terrible.

Ultimately, the box was cute, but the 130$ value, I just don't see. Most of it was drugstore makeup that wasn't too expensive for me to try out on my own time. Which is kind of what I look for in makeup subscription boxes.

I used to go to Ipsy because there was a lot of luxury brands that I could try out, but their customizing algorithm was either wayyyy out of whack, or ignored completely. (Seriously, don't give a pale person a medium tone bronzer, or a curly haired individual a volumizing hair spray. And definitely don't bridge the gaps by giving out copious amounts of eyelinger....)
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