Thursday, May 12, 2016


Okay, so I have figured out a way to immortalize all those limited edition eyeshadows that are probably way too old to be safe to put on my eyeballs anymore.

So I did a test batch using the awesome pigments from

  Sweet Libertine Cosmetics

just to see what sorts of interesting swirly effects they would have. Now each swatch is not an accurate example of what it does on your lids, more like what it does wet or foiled, so the colors are a lot darker than in powder form.

I did a video review on the pigments themselves and how they perform on my fleshy bits:

Ultimately I like the pigments. And I am totally ogling that Firefly collection...(it is on sale as I write this and it is killing me....)


I put in roughly the same amount of pigment in each specimen, it's really rough to get an exact measurement in that small scale however. I also had to be pretty limited because I was using UV resin, and I wanted to make sure it would be able to cure properly without too much pigment obscuring the light.

These first three are arguably the most magical. They have this shimmery shifty effect. Does awesome on skin too.

These three looked awesome together, very vibrant.

...wait a minute, these look awesome together too....FUCK.

This batch was really interesting. Baroness turned a lot redder and deeper, and Cheech and Chomsky appeared to lose a lot of the blue it has. And Flirt turned completely transparent.

Mmmmmm, delicious Fiasco. Sultry turned out super shifty too. And do I need to say anything about Dragon City?

These two were pretty nice too. Copper penny is super rich, while Jet Set has lovely shimmer.

Then on to the full size pots I bought. Unfortunately I pretty much contaminated my sample sacks because I was too lazy to find a proper measuring apparatus. Much less a clean one. But my full size pots are okay since I used the caps to measure out the pigment into the resin.

The AFP Astronaut set. Your Upper Half is the Silver, and Nice Reminders is actually an eggplant-y color that looks much redder on camera.

Thrilling Heroics: Sparkly sparkle Taupe that sparkles. Then Earth That Was which is a nice minty blue green.

AND THAT IS ALL!!! Hooray! So if I didn't already mention the brand:


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