Thursday, May 26, 2016


In order to bring more of my skill sets out into the world and to hopefully create a sustainable budget that will quell my lust for shiny things, I have started offering my creative writing skills to Fiverr.

I offer three different service: Basic copyediting, a lore creation/fiction piece, and a dungeon design because I love me some pen and paper RPGs.

And here's a run down of how it works:

For Copyediting: Pretty straightforward. I'll do a once-over on any fiction piece of work (though scifi would totally get you my attention faster). The listings on Fiverr go up to 10k words, but if you have larger projects, poke me with a quote. I also have plans for basic read-throughs and impressions if that is what you are looking for.

A piece of lore: I have three tiers available for different sizes of projects. This is basically a small work to supplement a DnD game. Things like cities,  mythos, races, flora/fauna, special loot, NPCs etc. Or you can simply order a short story if it strikes your fancy.

Dungeon Design: Once again, three tiers for the size of dungeon you would like to add to your campaign. This also includes a shitty map drawing for your visual needs.

All works are meant for personal use, but I would be open to commercial licensing. Please contact me for further details in that regard.

My blog is filled with examples of my writing and creative capability, even though most are years old and are below my current standards.

I also have a PDF with my terms and testimonials listed on my Fiverr gigs.

Find me on Fiverr:

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