Monday, June 27, 2016


No, it is not a tattoo. I wish though.

So you may or may not have seen this month's calligraphy video on Odin Writes Shit. (if not, it will be up on Wednesday) and you may be thinking: WTF are you doing?

This is a special piece I am doing for a trade with a dear friend involving some rather interesting materials, new to me at least.

The overall project is being written on plastic sheeting, so the obvious thing to use (to me anyway) is paint markers.
However, I have found that in the crappy selection of craft stores in my area, calligraphy tipped pain pens are few and far between. I did manage to find silver and gold, however:

These do the job pretty well, but they are offered only in one size, and the nib is made of typical fuzzy marker material, which I can feel splitting apart with each letter I write. So I may or may not have to replace it in the middle of the project. These are also oil based, which may or may not be a god idea. IDFK.

So I plotted out some test script in order to find my comfortable line widths, because I don't know the proper way of doing that. Something to do with measuring how many nibs on a line or something, again IDFK.

Of course, armed with my trusty Rotring that I did not ask for:

Sweet line spacing, bro.

I also tested out some Gothic text, because that shit is fun.

And I was  so proud of my one word I actually made look fabulous:

Those fucking A's though. Amirite.

But since these only come in one size, and the project is kinda large (16x20) I wanted something larger to act as a focal point. But the closest thing they had was chisel tips.


I don't fucking know how to write with chisel tips.

So I did what any destructive and improperly supplied crafter might do and tried to sculpt the tip myself:


To be fair, when I tested this out immediately after cutting the tip, it worked beautifully, almost exactly like a normal calligraphy tip. But a few days later after the practice session:

Yep. Feather City.

So I tried a variety of other tools at my disposal to attempt some sort of outline work to make things look a little bit better. First I tried these DecoColor extra fine tips that I had from way back in my polymer clay years. The years I'd like dearly to forget about:

I tried the red one first, which turned out was more of a pinky, salmon red. So that didn't work:

The black turned out pretty good though. And the gold is my attempt at trying the calligraphy markers first. That didn't go well.

And these Sakura Pen-Touch pens  because I want to make things look shiny. Not so great:

And also, I couldn't tell if the paint was clogging the tip, or if the tip was already clogged from painting it onto clay pieces that weren't ready yet:

But then there's this fucker right here:

This one is oil based, and the red is acrylic. Two different beasts. It's another chisel tip and the same width. That being said, the ink writes like shit. No good saturation whatsoever.

And outlining with the DecoColor was not a fun time. The gold pretty much absorbed it, and it clogged my tip:

And then. There were these:

If I'm not mistaken, "water-based" and "acrylic" may or may not be the same thing, but I tested it both out FOR SCIENCE.

On the acrylic, so far, so good:

But what about the oil?

Well shit. It absorbed a little, but the outline is clearly defined.

My tip looks great too:

I think I have a winner. I just might need it in other colors to go with the theme. So I continued measuring my linework.

And misquoting my quotes that I am supposed to be transcribing....

Oh, and basically all of this was unnecessary effort, because I watched a few YouTube videos on how to script with a chisel tip, and now I know what I am doing....SO THATS FANTASTIC!

Anyway, there may or may not be more progress shots of this work being completed, and most likely another YouTube calligraphy work for the next monthly installment.

Now, I think I am going to have a lie down because my throat burns from all the fumes of these things. And maybe cancer.

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