Thursday, June 16, 2016


Or should I call this WHAT'S ON MY HANDS??? Because seriously:

That happens to be Emerald of Chivor, which I was not experimenting with today. 
Stupid waterbrush pen. 

Dem cuticles though. Don't need a manicure after all this ink.

Well, this is not much of an experiment. More like I just wrote on a bunch of different shit with the same inks.

So I mentioned in this video review that I was going to investigate further the mysteries of the KWZ Standard inks:

And I didn't find too many interesting details. Though I am faced with the case of the missing sheen.

I could have sworn the lettering on the Vaness Pens website showed Foggy Green to have a nice red sheen to it, but no matter how much I spilled, I couldn't get it to perform.

But I started off filling my pens and then recording them in my fancy pen journal, which is just a Staples clearance special...

Wait a is going on with Thieves red???

So looking at my previous entry, my Red Jinhao 599 contained Emerald of Chivor, and apparently I hadn't cleaned it well enough...or something? That being said, the mixture that resulted is pretty spiffy.

Yes...I spill shit over my notebooks. Get over it.

So I filled up my Monteverde Intima with it and got a better result. The first thing that got my attention was this random pink post-it note that I had been scribbling all over, I was surprised at the results, so I decided to scribble on it in a  marginally more organized manner.

It behaved similarly to a Rhodia, which is kinda surprising for a knock-off brand post it. 

Speaking of Rhodia, here's a little blank notepad test:

It might have been just me, but the blank pad seemed to be more absorbent than dot pad grid:


And my attempts to extract some form of sheening:

Yeah, not happening.

This blue and green is super pretty though:

I also noticed that my planner was super absorbent as well, so I swatched it out on my "Birthdays" page, because who am I kidding? I don't have friends:

Well, how about this paper from the lovely owner of Kind Words Stationary on Etsy:

Nope. No sheen, but the paper was super nice. YOU SHOULD TOTALLY CHECK THEM OUT.
The sushi paper was Clairfontaine Triomph, and the quill was G. Lalo, But they also have Tomoe River as an option.

Then I tried that Airmail Life! paper that I got from JetPens that I hate so much:

Yep. Not sure what I was expecting there...

And finally, I tried out my Strathmore Writing pad, and I really enjoyed the results:

Mind you, not a bad smelly, like a cedary-smelly.

Still no sheen though:

But overall, these are some pretty spiffy inks with some interesting shading if you use the right paper. It kind of forms a coating on the surface, instead of flattening out, which I was afraid of that. I will definitely be looking at more colors, and keep using them for further testing. I don't want another Night Sapphire on my hands...

KWZ does have an Iron Gall line I may be poking at. I don't know if I have enough cheap pens to sacrifice, however.

BONUS: Don't put Noodler's Hellfire in anything you care about. And don't mix it with any of these inks:

It ate the coating off my Preppy nibs. Which I guess is to be expected with something called Hellfire. Lesson learned. Maybe.

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