Thursday, June 9, 2016


Since I have a lot of projects thrown at me at any given moment, I have decided to create a series of posts that highlight the various tasks I am working on over the course of a month. I won't  necessarily talk only about jewelry, more like an all-encompassing summary of every aspect of work I do: writing, YouTube etc. And as many are incredibly curious, I will be sharing this information with you in a series called:


Let us begin!


However, on the jewelry side, I have a LOT this time around. I mean a LOT.

Due to the shittiness of my recent car situation, a lot of good people have approached me in my time of need with commission orders so that I can pay off registration for a new shitty car that will hopefully last a little bit longer than the previous. At least, that was the idea when we bought it. And even make a car payment or two. So I have been working hard to get those done.

First some awesome pieces that I am very proud of:

I think my bead embroidery skills have leveled up, if I do say so myself. I was exploring odd shapes with using shibori silk ribbon, and I must say I think it has worked out tremendously. I used crystals, glass, and even a few opals and amethyst stones in the tips. I even have mind to write out PDF design guides so that you guys can replicate it as well.

Next is a lovely Victorian themed piece using two colors of ribbon stitched together. While I do like the end result of this one, I do think my execution could be a bit better. Someone said I should call the piece "Blue Danube," and I think it is very appropriate.

By the way, you can totally check out more views on my Facebook page at Odin's Bead Hall. Go ahead and take a look. I will wait here.

Additionally, there is this bit of work:

I swear I am never going to escape this rope....

Another one of my Frost Drake pendants have been ordered (You can see what I am talking about here). Which I was glad to remake since I really wasn't comfortable selling the original knowing all the shortcuts I took on it. Luckily FusionBeads had a Lunasoft cabochon in the most perfect color since I didn't have another agate cabochon in my collection. It is however smaller, but the individual wanted it  designed like my Koi scheme in any case. Which is awesome because I love making that bail.

Then I am doing a custom order on what is probably my most popular design in the history of ever:

In super magical colors that I can't exactly share because it's supposed to be a surprise.

I also have another unique piece that I can't share too much about either, other than it will involve a great use of my skills. I have a lot of bezeling ahead of my with a dash of embroidery, however. Very warm tones in this color scheme too, which is not what I usually do. New things ahead, yay!

Then there's this:

A metric fuckton of chainmaille.

Ok, not really. Actually I am glad for the size of the order, it is incredibly manageable. The game shop I was speaking with was very interested in my aluminum codpieces. Which can double as a dice bag. And I will also be making several captured dice keychains because I am obsessed with glow in the dark rubber rings.


Yes, I am working on some new ones for you guys. They are just taking me forever. Frost Drake still has about another 120 diagrams to draw out, and that part is what takes me the longest. Mostly because as soon as I open up Inkscape, my brain is immediately filled with "I DON'T WANNA." Because there are 120 diagrams. It was the objective to finish in June, but since the month is already almost half over and other things have been thrown at me, it's incredibly unlikely.

I did just put out three new patterns on my Craftsy shop to keep you occupied in the meantime: Overgrowth, the Koi Rope chart, and the Netted leaf, which is also on youtube.

HOWEVER. There are a few smaller ones that I am also working on since they are connected with the chainmaille commission. I know the captured dice will probably be free available on my Craftsy shop since there is very little involvement. And it will probably be turned into a YouTube tutorial on tuesdays, so be sure to check out my channel for updates.  

I am not too certain about the dice bag yet because it will take a lot of work to create, yet there are so many patterns available for free that it feels weird to me charging for it. I do know that the dice bag is way too involved for YouTube, so it probably won't turn into a video.

And I may throw up the Mermaid Tail shibori pattern since I also see that one being real quick to put together.

There are still a few more on deck until I am able to make new designs unfortunately, but once the in progress ones taken care of, I will get back to designing.

I am also toying with the idea of brushing off my 3D modelling skills and making diagrams via Blender. Or even making prefab bead shapes for other teachers to import into their tutorial projects and manupulate as they wish.


For the rest of this month, I have a few things plotted out.

First off I do have another collab challenge that I will be doing with the awesome JRPDesigns beading channel, as well as a few others. We are still in the development stages, but this time it will be much simpler: a color challenge.

On the jewelry Tuesdays, I have a couple more tutorials, and potentially a haul to share with you. On Inky Wednesdays, I have yet another Karas Kustoms, as well as another round of calligraphy. Soon I will also be making another JetPens purchase, so a haul will be coming up as well. The rest of Fuckoff Fridays I have some Urban Decay Palettes, as well as a delightful haul and some snack time.

I do have a few business collabs that are in the works that I am super excited about, but not at liberty to discuss until they have been more fleshed out.


I have started getting back into the writing saddle, which is a very nice feeling. I have found a rather convenient time slot to do it in, and pretty happy with the results so far.

However, it is not my current novel of Sleepless Flame. I am working on a diceless pen and paper RPG that is meant to be more of a training guide for newer GMs. A snippet for you:

In no way, shape, or form a finalized piece of text.

This game is to sort of kick off my OTHER OTHER plans of making DnD prefabs and lore for GMs who can't be bothered. While I figure out where I will be selling these PDFs, I have started up a Fiverr account for those who are interested in custom commissioned writing, lore, and dungeon design. And also copy editing because why the hell not.


yanno, in case you were interested.

I started doing this because I can actually see an endpoint to this project, and I can probably complete the entire game set in one to two months. Then I will look at publishing options, most likely Amazon and the local game shop I am currently working with. If anyone has ideas for a pen and paper RPG publishing house I should contact, please let me know!


Not a whole lot else going on that I can think of. I have taken a hiatus from Twitch for the foreseeable future. I have a lot on my hands right now that I want to build up before concentrating on another media stream. When my YouTube has grown a bit more, I will most likely try again, and possibly schedule things less regularly than weekly.

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