Friday, July 15, 2016


Wait, WTF am I doing....ugh it's too early for this crap.

Let me put that out there right now that July has most probably been the shittiest month so far all around, and it leaves me dreading the rest of the year. (Leave my October ALONE pls).

It's gotten pretty bad in my personal life (that I would really rather not get into on a public platform) that I have decided to reopen my Patreon page, with even new rewards. Let's just say that I am trying to avoid going back to retail due to my current predicament. I have been struggling to try and make my antics of jewelrymaking and other YouTubery a day job, so if you enjoy what I do and would like to see me continue, I'd humbly ask you to consider supporting me on that platform:

There is even a cheatsy way of getting my most expensive tutorials for cheap. All you have to do is sign up for the 5$ Patreon tier for a tutorial, then email me with your chosen pattern you would like. Wait fort me to email you the pattern, and then cancel your subscription after the first month. You would effectively receive a $15+ pattern for $5. I'm telling you guys this in hopes that you would continue to support me after the first month, but hey, I know times are hard everywhere.

I have also been working dutifully on a few tutorials on my Craftsy shop, so if you'd rather get some things that way, my new premium tutorials include:

Please note this is a design guide and not a step-by-step tutorial.
I wrote it with the understanding that the reader already has working knowledge of bead embroidery and shibori ribbon. If you don't have the experience, however, I do have a PDF Shibori guide on Crafsty, as well as a playlist of beginning shibori on my YouTube:

I have also created the PDF pattern for a chainmail dice bag:

And, my captured D20 keychain has been added to my FREE PATTERN collection on Craftsy, so even amidst all that reading, you still get something for free:

I will also have a YouTube tutorial on this sometime this month.

There. Obligatory plug over with, now on to the more interesting bits of my life:


LAST MONTH I posted about two shibori pieces that I have yet to ship out, as well as another Frost Drake rope. I HAVE FINISHED THAT FROST DRAKE AND I AM SO HAPPY:

So I am NEARLY done with that client. I just need to make another one of these:
But in Black only instead of Red.

Then there is this magnificent piece:

I am so proud of how this turned out, you guys have NO IDEA.

And besides that, all I have for a commission is a custom colored one of these, which I have a very popular YouTube video on:


On the jewelry side of things, I have another Haul and a Resin review/tutorial, as well as the tutorial for the chanmail keychain I have pictured above. Inky side, I have a paper gauntlet planned as well as a calligraphy practice featuring a commission that I am still working on. Slowly.

I have yet to even glance at my materials for the Summer Collab challenge. But I think I am working my way towards a bracelet. One because I haven't done any in a while. And two, because busy:

On the Fuckoff Fridays, I have a candy kit and a lip review, as well as a super secret super awesome collab featuring THESE beauties:

And another hint:
Just a Sneaky Peek. You will want to be here next Friday if things go well.


I have actually gotten a bit of progress that I can MAYBE be proud of. I've been reevaluating my novel status, and at a very OPTIMISTIC assessment, I  MIGHT be able to get it done by year end if I am working on it as much as I am. REALISTICALLY, probably not till Summer. Ideally in Spring, before my birthday...

I am currently working my ass off to get chapter 8 finished, since there really isn't too much that needs to be fleshed out, and I have pretty much designed all the encounters:
Dat editing time tho
I still have two pages at Red Phase to contend with before I even consider reading the Blue.
I am thinking about making a table that defines my editing/composition tactics if there is anyone who would be interested at all. Currently I use Sketch, Skeleton, Stupid Mode, Red, Blue, and Black.

This also means that I have pretty much been neglecting my Game Doc for my pen and paper RPG. I am still torn as to what I should be prioritizing. Frankly I've been working on my book since 2011, an I am sick of it being unfinished.


I don't think I have too much else going on, but I am sure I will update the post AFTER I have published it with something my brain has hidden from me. So have a cat:

There's still a calligraphy commission that I have yet to continue, but hopefully with this month's OWS  calligraphy episode, I should be making some progress.


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