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Due to some impending and cumbersome schedule changes for the next month or so, I am making this post relatively simple. A few have requested a sample teaser of Chapter 8, which I have been shedding numerous droplets of blood over. Some of you also did not ask for it, but tough cookies. This is what you get this week.

Once again, I will reiterate that I write rather dark and gritty shit, so if you don't like that sort of thing, or the word "shit," you probably want to skip this. If all goes well, next week should be a WTF am I doing anyway post.


         “Hey boss,” one of the gunners piped in. “We lost our cover fire from the other end, it’s getting kinda hairy out here.”

“South side, what’s your status?” Nara inquired.
“We’re a little busy over here. Buggers started crawling from out of the windows and climbing up to say ‘Hi.’ Ahh…shit!” a sniper replied.

“Snipers, report!”

“Too many up here, we got nowhere to run and we’ll be cornered in a few moments.”

“If you can get into the building, hide there, I’ll be out there in a minute to cover.” Nara informed as she began to sprint towards the end of the building.

“A minute’s a long time to wait, boss.”

“Mechanist, you got any friends you can throw their way?” Nara asked.

“Negative, every’un’s occupied. These guys are right pissed off.” The machinist let off a sharp whistle into the communication line.

“Alright, I’ll be there in just a  - WOAH!”

Nara suddenly snapped her torso backward, dodging a ball of green slime that whizzed past her. Another soon followed, plopping on the beam she was kneeling on with a wet smack, the impact shaking her footing violently.

She let out an annoyed growl as the erratic vibrations stole her balance, and she instinctively snapped an arm out, grasping a bar in the support beam. She let momentum swing her forward while she concocted an escape from the predicament.

“Nara, below you!” Garrett yelled in her helm.

She glanced at her feet and discovered the source of the noxious sputum. Swimming in a massive open air tank and gurgling angry shrieks at her was a being that resembled something found in a sub-par ocean themed monster film.

It was a giant creature composed of a green, fleshy brain like orb that sat on top of a short stalk of vertebrae. The mass of wrinkly orange flesh that served its torso sprouted numerous tentacles lashing around viciously in the purple murk. It squawked once more through a giant mangled, cracked beak, and glowered at her with enormous human like eyes. Eyes that glowed with heavy cybernetic augmentations, and certainly possessed the capability to see through her armor’s disguise.

As the creature whipped a tentacle back to hurl another gob, Nara jutted her hand out in front of her. The armor on her forearm split open with a rapid series of sharp metallic clicks, ejecting a pistol towards her palm. She caught the weapon as the armor reformed itself, and fired of several pulses of cerulean energy into the giant brain mass.

Its shrieks reverberated throughout the walls, drowning out the sizzle of flesh as the green matter began to dissolve. Its tentacles flailed furiously, splashing liquid over the sides of its containment tank.

Nara changed her target to try and contain collateral damage, focusing her attacks on the flailing tentacles, preventing even more hazardous waste from spilling over onto the floor below.

“Watch my back,” She ordered Garrett as she rained another barrage.

“Right,” Garrett acknowledged. He was so enthralled with the user interface of the armor that he almost forgot he was supposed to be working.

According to the information feed, Nara was no even holding onto the beam herself, the grips in the armor was. There were even sensors that informed her of how much force was being spent to combat the recoil of her weapon, keeping her body exactly where she wanted it to be. It was all so fascinating to him, and he wondered how much of the information she actually used, or if she does everything out of instinct.

A rain of tentacle chunks splooshed into the vat as Nara continued her assault. But the remnants of the creature showed no signs of perishing. The stumpy, pathetic mass only became angrier, chaotically failing its multitude of cartilaginous stumps in its own broth.

So Nara moved on to the only other vital object it possessed: its synthetic eyes. She squeezed off a volley of two shots, one for each eerily glowing ball. Electric sparks crackled across the reflection of the water as her shots hit directly into the center of the silvery orbs.

The creature let out an ear splicing shriek, the noise reverberating through the walls of the warehouse. The glow of its irises flickered, then died as Nara followed with another blast. Having reached its limits, the amalgamated lifeform finally quieted, letting out a series of defeated gurgles as its weakened body descended into the bubbling froth.

The commotion yanked Garrett away from the addictive data, violating his ears as he observed the carnage in disgusted fascination.

As the death throes finally silenced, Nara sheathed her weapon and permitted herself a breath of air.

But a corrosive sizzling adjacent to her announced that her troubles were far from over. She glanced up at the beam she held on to, and witnessed the metal nearby slowly dissolving in a violent hiss. Shiny silvery droplets plummeted towards the murky pool below as the remnants of the creature’s sputum ate away at her only means of support.

“Ahhhh, fuck,” she growled as she flung herself aside, gripping another bar ahead of her.


So there you have it, and just as I am posting it, I see far too many things wrong with it, so it'll probably be trashed in the next few moments...
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