Thursday, August 11, 2016



(you think I'm joking, don't you?)

Well, needs must when the devil shits in your corner, so I have yet inundated myself with even MORE tasks in order to feed myself, and have taken a temp position, which may or may not be longer term than I really want.

So I will be trying very, very hard to keep up with my YouTube schedule for the foreseeable future, as well as adding as many SkillShare classes to my catalog as I can.

(But if you are feeling charitable and would like to help a pathetic scrub lord out, take a gander at my Patreon page and see if anything strikes your fancy.)

Speaking of classes, you can check out my first class for free here. It is my very popular Tavern Windows.

On that note, let's start with JEWELRY:

Now I can finally post a commission I had be working on previously:

A piece done from my popular Netted Rope Transition technique that I had done ages ago, done in Denver Broncos colors.

Also....DO YOU LIKE POKEMANS????? phone is too old to play Pokemon Go and I am very upset. So I did what any scrub would do and MADE A BUNCH OF POKEBALLS:

And, because I am a TOTAL NERD, I took some action shots of them too:


For now, they are with a friend who has graciously debuted them at some farmer's markets nearby his area, whilst peddling his own AMAZING BANANA BREAD.

Once I receive the leftovers, I will be putting them up on my Etsy shop, and peddling them on my assorted digital arenas.

So I did something pretty majestic, if I may say so myself:

Here's some more shots, in case you want more sparkle:

It's so much fun!!!!!!GAH

I do plan on making another one of these in "nicer," toned-down colors for promo shots for my PDF pattern, which I intend on making.....sometime.

Speaking of PDFs, I *intend* on finishing Frost Drake....hopefully this month, but with the way things are going, PFDs are not as high a priority as my video tutorials.

So keep yourself occupied with my most recent YouTube tutorial:

And if you make something from this video, or anything else I have taught, be sure to join my BRAND NEW FACEBOOK GROUP and show off what you made with other fellow Lessons Viewers.

The cover photo of the group is also another project I intend on PDF-ing, and making a Skillshare class for:

Those of you with a keen eye might recognize the component from one of my other designs....also requiring PDF-ing.

Also on deck for my skillshare classes:


Check out this TWSBI Eco review everyone wanted me to do:

In the future inky bits, I have something crafty in store, as well as some calligraphy work, and potentially more inky revisits, not too sure yet. I also know the Diamine shimmertastics are in line for a first impression.

On the jewelry side of things, I have a few more mini-tutorials, as well as a spiffy UV resin tutorial about colorants that was requested.

And for Fuckoff Fridays, I have some snacking on deck, as well as some Nyx lippie reviews.

In the midst of all of this, I am also making preparations for my HALLOWEEN FESTIVITIES. Because that is what I live for, and nothing else. And, this year is going to be SO MUCH FUN. I have lots of goodies planned for you guys, so stick around!!!!


Ugh, this part makes me so sad. I had finished chapter 8 (which you can find a teaser of here), and I thought it was going so well until all this shit fell on top of me in the living situation. Chapter 9 looks okay, but needs a lot of fleshing out. I will try to get something done on it this month, but there is certainly no promises there.

I also started a copy editing service for those who require....service. You can find all my details on my other blog page at Odin's Edits:

And that's about it....I guess.....I'm so goddamned tired....

Now I am going to smear a 1$ walmart mask on my face because I melted my face off actually going outside for the first time in six months.

You thought I was joking...I am LIVING THE HIGH LIFE HOOOOO BOY!
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