Thursday, September 8, 2016


IDK MAN....IDK....

....not sleeping a lot, that's for damn sure.

Alright, let's kick this shit off because there's a lot to cover. After all, it is SPOOKY SEASON.


So a lot of my energy this month/season is being dedicated towards filming classes and YouTube videos for this month, so there isn't going to be a lot of beading going on.

That being said, I did get a few commissions. I got an order for one of those Peyote fringey pendants all in lavender, and I think it turned out pretty spiffy:

I've also started working on the "nice" version of this necklace set:

And I must say the color combo I chose looks absolutely GORGEOUS:

I just kind of wish the dark blue stood out more. The rose gold appears to be stealing the show on this set :/

I have also been working intermittently on YouTube and Skillshare video tutorials using this set as a base, so look in the future for more projects!

I have two new lessons that I brought out last week:

The first is being used as a fundamental teaching ground for more complicated deisngs using 3D RAW with two threads. It's also super cute and sparkly:

And the second is a lovely rivoli bezel that uses those pesky Twin beads no one ever makes anything out of anymore. And some top-drill bicones (my fav!)

Also, be sure to check out the class up on the top bar of the blog. Cuz it's pretty af. 

I have also created a new public  Facebook Group titled "Creations from Lessons With Odin" where you can share pics of your creations from my tutorials, or just generally shoot the shit about anything beady related. It's a lot of fun, and we're currently discussing the new Pantone color choices for fall

Next up on Skillshare for this month, I plan on making a basic Resin pendant tutorial, so you too can learn to make shiny things like this:

If you absolutely can NOT wait to get into resin and want to make your own dastardly things, then hop over to my Craftsy shop and check out my Beginner's Resin Compendium.

I am also trying to get October and November classes up, because I actually want a goddamn break on October. It's my spooky time. I need to reflect on Spooky things.

I know what October's class will be:

But November is still Up in the air.

For PDF patterns, I am trying, trying, to get Frost Drake done. I know it's been forever, but damn that bitch has 120 diagrams left to do. 

I know I will also be doing the Bat Shibori guide as a (spoilers) heads up for my Halloween Youtube festivities.

Ohhhh man, Halloween on YouTube is going to be AWESOME. I have been literaly planning it since winter of last year....

And on the Subject of YouTube....


Once again I've been busting my nads trying to get three months of videos out in the span of one month because I want a break. I have the majority of September filmed,  and October and November plotted out.

I also need to plan out what I am doing for my nails in October....

This month on YouTube you can look forward to some more tutorials, possibly another haul/vlog of a bead show  I *might* be going to....if I can manage it, and some resin delights on Jewelry Tuesdays,

Inky Wednesdays have some more calligraphy, an inky pick featuring Architekt inks, and some other shenanigans. I've even grabbed  some cheap Bulow pens for like 5$ a pop from XFountanipens' clearance section.

Fuckoff Fridays will be full of makeup and meat. My two favorite things. So look for some snack time and a few swatchathons featuring Sweet Libertine Mineral Cosmetics (including an exclusive look into a new collection), a FCS fall unboxing, and A Serpentina review.

Sneak Peek at that SL collection...
So I threw that resin piece up on the internets and I have had requests to sell more pieces like this as cabochons for beadweaving and wirewrapping. Which I will do just that. Once I get in my supply of pigment, I will probably open up an Etsy listing. And maybe get a new mold or two. But I do think that combination up there would look stunning in these autumn leaves:

Yissss. Anyways, I won't talk too much about October (heehee) or November (mmmm candy kits smell in the air). I have September on the mind still..


Ohhhhh...this section breaks my heart. Due to my current situation, I have willingly halted all progress on my novel. I just can't justify working on it right now and it kills me. Same goes witht he game document I was working on.

I did manage to do *something* creative in that regard as I willed out my first Fiverr request creating an interesting boss monster for a DnD campaign. If you want to see what I came up with, check out the examples on this listing here.

I also just released a video about my Fiverr stuff, so if you want some editing done, or some DnD lore written, come look me up:

If you have larger editing projects, full novels etc, I also did just open up my contract editing service at Odin's Edits:


Nothing. I got absolutely nothing. I just finished going full time at a temp contract to get by, and it absolutely wore me out. And I have so much catching up to do. I still do part time, and it is a nice buffer, but the rest of my immediate situation hasn't been resolved.

Oh well. Maybe next time. My Halloween will be good though.

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