Friday, October 14, 2016


So for those of you who didn't know, I have been stuck indoors being sick instead of enjoying the spooky season to its fullest. While the rustling leaves and Autumn breezes billow into my window like a tempting temptress, I tried to maintain the spooky season the only way I know how: Halloween Video Games.

And I've decided to share my experiences with you in case you also have been stricken with the inability to go outside an enjoy the weather. Now for the most part, this selection of games is not that Horror filled. I an not particularly a fan of horror as a genre in the first place, and for those of you who might feel the same, I have some safe picks for you. That being said, it is physically impossible for me to know everyone's comfort levels, so if you want to be super safe, just skip this post.

(age rating E 10+)

This is an adorable friggin game that I love a lot. I originally played it on PS3 and it is made by DoubleFine. It's a simple-ish RPG adventure game where you collect costumes, go trick-or-treating. That is until shitlords decide to fuck up Halloween for everyone.

This one can be found on STEAM as well as the app store? But not android because fuck us I guess.

There's also a sequel, but I have not played it yet.

(No rating, indie developer)

This is an adorable little RPG adventure. Now I don't want to reveal too many spoilers, but it isn't as scary as it leads you to believe in the beginning. It's a quickie 90min game that is a nice treat for those who wanna partake.

You are playing as two girls who decide to go out trick-or-treating, and happen upon a spooky mansion. Now I have only gotten the "true" ending, but I can't speak for the other ones.

And it's FREE on STEAM here.

Now these little gems I messed around with on Kongregate, because I have touchy feely feels of Nostalgia when it comes to browser games.


Those bastards!!!!
So this is a simple side scrolling shooter with e very simple premise. Aliens invaded to steal all the candy, and it's up to your group of four friends to kick their asses. It is a delightful pixelated adventure.

Find it here:

Angry Gran Run - Halloween Edition.
This one apparently needs to be played on Firefox only.

One of those, WTF am I doing on this side of the internet...

A Temple Run clone in terms of gameplay, where you are playing as a granny who has bust out of the home. And is dressed up in costumes? Or something? Dodging halloween related objects....idfk.

Find it here:

it's also available on moblie as well, if that's more yer cake.

Yeap. And with that, I'm going to bury myself in this mound of tissues and wallow in my sick.


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