Friday, October 14, 2016


You're probably sick of hearing me talk about makeup for a good long time, but I am not tired of talking about it yet. It's so damned shiny and I like shiny things. 

I am also writing this post because Sweet Libertine Mineral Cosmetics is having a sale right now on all their inventory: 20% off the entire shop and 25% off of their glitters. So if you've always wanted to try some of these out, now's a good chance! And score some extra sample too!

The sale ends this Sunday the 16th so you might wanna get on it there...

And I wanted to share with you the magical Halloween collection, because it is literally friggin magical:

Three delightful pots of pigment that go incredibly well together.  The left side is a bare dry swatch, and the right side is applied wet.

First up is Succubus, which is a lovely soft lilac with golden glittery sparklers. Not chunky, but kind of dazzling. I would recommend using this dry over wet, as the sparkles tend to get diluted.

Next us Hecate which is a black based golden shadow with similar gold sparklers to Succubus. This one performs pretty well wet, but I think I prefer it dry.

And finally, Daemonologie is a beautify orangy-bronze metallic that does well either wet or dry.

I've compared it to a few other metallic orange tones that Sweet Libertine carries, and I have found that it is right in the middle of Dragon city (more yellow toned), and Thai Silk (Much more Orange.) Daemonolohie has more brownish undertones to it:

These are just lovely together and I really need to play more with them. The Halloween collection is technically sold out, but there is talk of a restock sometime in the near future.

And of course because I can't be content with a little, I bought a few more things:

This one above is Cinematical, which has this beetle wing effect. It's almost a duochrome where it shifts between a brown and emerald green. It reminded me of a liquid matte lipstick I have from L.A. Splash called Catrina from last year's Dia De Los Muertos collection.

This one above is Tsarina's Kiss, and it is from the newly launched Wicked As They Come collection. this one was hard to capture on my pasty ass, but it is a soft pastel pink that is also like a duochrome, super metallic and shifts in the light.

Then I got a full size pot of glitter in the shade Dirty Girl, a dark metallic red. I have recently begun to play with glitters, thanks to the temptation of samples given to me, and I have created some interesting looks. One of which you might be familiar with:

I plan on using this to accentuate my traditional red/black/white looks that I haven't done is a super long time. I really should fix that.

And speaking of glitters, stay tuned for some amazing resin pieces that I had a lot of fun with.

After that, I also got a few delightful samples included in my order:

From Left to right:

  • Moroccan Sunset - This one took me by surprise. It's a lovely blush pink with blue sparklers in it. Much better dry to preserve the integrity of the sparkle. Love this one.
  • Lilac - A shimmery demi-matte that has a soft golden sheen underneath.
  • Wrath of Lacan - Lovely shimmery ice blue that does well wet or dry.
  • Tan Lines - Shimmery soft brown
  • Fool's Gold - Beautiful bronze color that blends really well.

I also received some samples of their permanent line to do some swatching for. I figured I would share with you these colors too in case you see something you like and wanna take advantage of the sale:

First up: Alien Lovechild, an interesting light shimmery blue. This one took a little bit of effort to swatch, but still a nice color.

Dragon City: A super metallic yellowish orange. Does very well wet.

Electric Mudslide: This one was difficult to photo on my pasty ass. Note, I did not, in fact, swatch these on my pasty ass. That is a hyperbole.

This is a lovely soft mauve that would do well as a base color, or even add a nice transition.

Erotique: Anotehr one that was difficult to photo due to aforementioned pasty ass.

This is a soft pale pinkish lavender with matching sparklers. I really like this one dry. Would be good for inner corner, or even brow highlight. Also all over the lid because fuck rules. It's makeup.

Silk Ribbon: Another sort of demi-matte, but with a soft shimmer in the undertone. A pastel fucsia of sorts?

Freakshow: This one I NEED. A metallic pastel grass-ish lime green? With a  hint of mint? Yeah we'll go with that.

Aviator: A softer blue, great for those who are scared of blue eyeshadows. It leans a little on the green side, more of like a slate blue. I have already purchased the full size in my next order. (along with an assload of gitter)

Poison: Another one I fucking need. This one is fucking glorious. It is a deep, rich forest green that glides on very nicely. Use it wet or dry, either way it's delicious.

Bedazzled: a soft shimmery brown with coordinating sparkler bits in it. I like it, it's just not my thing. But I think people who prefer neutrals would like it too.

And finally, Hemoglobin Delight: This one is a nice burgundy red, leans a little bit towards the purple side. It took a little building up when using it dry, but it is freaking magical wet. I can definitely see this as a liner color for me.

That's all in this round. Bask in the shininess, and don't forget to get you some during the spooky sale on their site! Stay tuned for some resin magicalness too!

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