Thursday, October 6, 2016


I *thought* I was giving my spooky ass a break this month, but THAT AIN'T HAPPENING.

Anyways, first off, I am having a SPOOKY LETTER EXCHANGE event happening on my channel, which ENDS ON THE 15TH, so if you want a SPOOKY VALENTINE in your mailbox, you better get in on this shit:

But without more obnoxious interruptions, here's what's happening:


RESIN. OMFG Resin. I will probably have some form of chemical poisoning after this month because of all the resin I have to get done.

This Friday, I will be posting a video about some new molds I got from Sugar Skull Molds on Etsy that I plan to do fun things with.

Due to the popularity of my Fall themed Resin pieces, such as THESE:


(P.S. I used Sweet Libertine's newly released Wicked As They Come collection for these. Colors are: Clockwork Monkey, Urobouros, Sexy Mr. Darcy, and Magic Dust.)

 I will start offering cabochons for beadwork. I have two sizes of ovals, some squares...well, you'll see in the video. 

I plan on offering them in  "themed" colors, as well as a custom color option on my Etsy and Facebook. Be sure to follow me on Facebook for sneak peeks on color combinations. So far I have thought out: Autumn (Warm colors), Forest (Greens, browns, and Golds) , Winter (blues and Whites), Galaxy (Blacks, Blues, and Purples), Gothic (blacks and reds), and Unicorn Brains (pastel with a hint of glitter). Any other requests will also be helpful if you'd like to comment below.

I will be making demos of these soon, and I also will be making some for a local bead shop (a "local" bead shop that is an hour away from me....) that I have started working with recently. 

Speaking of Facebook, have you joined out Facebook group yet? Collab with other beaders and share your creations there:

In addition to these cabochons, I also have some Halloween themed pieces to make, because Halloween resin is my favorite resin. And I have been given some spiffy glitters from Sweet Libertine to create some custom pieces for them. (Rumors of a giveaway taint the air with it's delicious.....taint?)

On to actual beadwork, I have this month's Spooky Halloween challenge to work on. Which, if you wanna join in on that, well....get on it:

I have ideas percolating, at the most inopportune moments, but I have a plan nonetheless.

I have done a bit of shibori work as of late, and some things I am quire fond of:

I am having a lot of fun with shaped shibori designs, and I have written another style guide in PDF form that is available both in my Etsy and my Craftsy shops. Please note that these are style guides, not step-by-step tutorials. I wrote these with the assumption that you have some bead embroidery experience. If you want to learn about working with Shibori, check out my PDF Beginner's Guide or my playlist on Youtube.

On Skillshare, we will be creating this lovely Fall set:

It's going to be a three-part series spanning the month, and the first part should be up early next week if I can get working on it this weekend (if my throat will let me...caught a  lovely bug too. Which is....lovely)

I have one commission I have yet to design for, but I know it will involve SPIKES. A lovely friend of mine traded some makeup in exchange for a shiny thing, so I should get cracking on that. 

Otherwise, all I have left to do is a metric fuckton of PDF tutorials that I have on


Lots of interesting projects planned for this month upcoming, we have the Shibori parts so you can make your own adorable bat. 

Some inky projects, not necessarily practical ones. And another episode of Mr. Ghost's Parcel from Evil Supply Co.

Friday's will be filled with spooky randomness: an epic FCS unboxing is in store, some fighting with candy, and a makeup tutorial of sort.

Also, I will need to reveal the Jewelry challenge, as well as share with you guys the delightfully spooky letter exchange. And I will probably do a OOTD on Halloween, or a GRWM, I haven't decided yet.


I don't think I should try and revive this section with a response, but due to recent circumstances, I am now able to go back and focus on my novel. However, because of all the shit I have yet to do THIS month, it's an objective for....November?

I have also been doing a guest post on Sweet Libertine's Blog, so if you wanna see what I have been up to in the near future, be sure to check it out.

I will also try to make a few spooky-themed blog posts here, because I want to. What the subjects might be...I have yet to determine. Ideas would be nice, if you have anything you want me to dribble on.


Not a whole lot else going on. Living situation has stabilized and now I can sleep just a tiny bit better. I don't have too many exciting things happening on Halloween Day, since it's a fucking MONDAY. But I think I will get gussied up and go out to dinner, and I think Rifftrax is doing something that day too, so I will take a friend and go see that, as per tradition.

Then I will probably have to lock myself indoors to avoid those SWEET SWEET AFTER HALLOWEEN DEALS OHGODYES.....

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