Tuesday, November 8, 2016


So another one of my loves is Ramen. Pretty much any ramen, to me it is the ultimate comfort food. I have had such delightful experiences with instant noodles as well as fresh that it gives me a cozy feeling of....cozy...ness. So it's not altogether unusual for my SO to come home from work with a lovely selection of new instant kidney crushers from the neighboring Asian supermarket.

And this day, ended up nothing ordinary. I was presented with a black Korean package with a bird spewing forth fire. I figured "Meh, it's spicy. Cool." and thought no more about it.

Then we had dinner, and as as per our normal dinner routine, we started watching our favorite channels on YouTube, which involves an menagerie of gaming, crafting, random WTF and food. We happened upon a very particular food video:

....with a very familiar package:

I believe the expression on my face to my SO after making the connection was:


I mean, many have heard of the "Fire Noodle" challenge on YouTube. Even typing "Spicy" in the search bar gives you pretty immediate results:

And me, for some stupid reason, thought that this particular one had to be special ordered from some mystical sadistic fairy dimension. Or at least a state with a major metropolitan area. Nope, right next door to my Bumfuck rural area.

So there it stayed on the cupboard shelf, until I got really REALLY disinterested in my microwave lunch....

I didn't know I was going to blog about this, otherwise I would have taken more detailed pictures of the contents.

You know it's good when the sauce looks like pitch. That being said, it wasn't as bad as people make it to believe.

It's actually less spicy than the NongShim black and red label, which is one of my favorites that I can get at a shitty big-box grocery store. This one:


But the difference is, this one is a MAJOR slow burner that will be with you for a while. It has a smokey sweet flavor that I personally am not partial to, but I can see its appeal. I like more savory broths.

The initial smell was of burnt chicken bouillon, not awful, but not something I would crave. The sauce was DARK and thick, literally like pitch. And it came with a packet of sesame seeds and Nori flakes...which is supposed to make it hurt less? More? idfk.

The one I got was also a "dry" ramen I believe, which is where you boil the noodles and dump all the water out before putting the seasoning packet in. I "cheated" and left a few tablespoons of water in the bowl because I wanted it to mix thoroughly. But I drank the broth at the bottom regardless.

Physical effects were kind of minimal. I mean I didn't bother try talking, my eyes were tearing up, but if the tiniest butterfly farts in them, I'm gushing out like Old Faithful, so that's not saying much.

I also didn't time how long the burn lasted, but after about ten minutes I chased it with my microwave alfredo pasta thing that I avoided eating in the first place. And ate a cream roll thing from little debbie (eggnog rolls were out. Not -as- bad as Pumpkin spice, but still pretty terrible) As well as drank about 40oz of juice (that's one way to get hydrated...)

Stomach is not too happy with me, the term "gut napalm" is a quite appropriate descriptor, but I also have a stress-related ulcer developing, so that's a factor right there. It's still pretty warm inside about a half hour later as I am writing this. I don't listen to sense the majority of the time.

Overall: "Meh." My rating: 6/10.

If it's a thing  you really want to check off on your bucket list, feel free, but it really isn't as bad as a lot of people make it out to be. That being said, if you're intimidated by spice, you'll probably want to skip this one. Taste wasn't really something that will make me buy it again, it wasn't very impressive for the sensation.

Here is where you can get it if you really want to. You can also search "SamYang" for its other variations.

So that was my noteworthy experience for the day. If you want me to share my favorite ramen brands, let me know, or if you have one I should try, I can also report on that as well.
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