Tuesday, December 20, 2016


So it has been requested by members of the group that I should do a stash tour of all my jewelry making garbage. So here is said garbage tour. The lighting in my house is crap and dark, so the quality is rather horrid. But you should get the general idea.

ALSO you should TOTALLY JOIN OUR GROUP. Because it is awesome. And Fun.

So to start off, we have this pegboard of garbage. Mostly dedicated to tools, wire, threads, and cords that I use in garbage making. Along with some safety equipment that is gathering dust. I should probably use that more often. And a few pegs are dedicated to finished pieces that I wear frequently.

On the shelf above that is a tote full of crap that has no home and probably will never have a home since I am too lazy to be bothered with it. Generally holds adhesives, and a giant mass of interfacing that I bought for Shibori a billion years ago. Next to it is also my Kumihimo mess.

Then a general packaging materials storage area as well as pouches for holding potential WIPs

Next is my spooky shelf. Which is quite spooky and delightful. It also holds my earrings with a kumihimo rope that was given to me by a friend.

Then there's this drawer thingy that contains my awkwardly sized tools and my rivolis, semi-sorted by size.


Underneath that drawer thingy is THIS drawer thingy that holds a lot of random crap.

Bottom drawer: super fancy blown glass chocolate beads from CatalinaGlass on Etsy I have yet to repair this bracelet. It got washed because I am a smart person.

Next drawer: My D20s that always roll 1's. They get punished by having holes drilled in them. 
This drawer also now holds my handmade Resin cabochons (WHICH YOU SHOULD TOTALLY CHECK OUT BECAUSE THEY ARE GLORIOUS)

Next up, random semi-precious cabochons and flatbacks that I never use because time.

And the top drawer is my random metal charms and bits. Lots of bats because fuck yeah bats.

Next to that set of drawers is my WIP pile, my thread and needle bin, resin crap bin and only TWO of my many pen jars

Then we have this amazing Pandora's Box replica that I got from buying the super edition of God of War III (Which I didn't particularly like the game, but love the shit out of this box)

And it contains my lesser used tools, trays, or bits that collect things and polishes things. THINGS.

Then there is my super cute spoopy decoden box that I made last year in a YouTube video

Which ironically contains the spare deco parts from said deco box

A busted ass display tray that contains shit I have no idea what to do with yet,or has a home but I can't be buggered to put away yet.

Then there's this tray that holds my weird Swarovski shapes.

And a container full of bicones. I did a video on my Swarovski collection, so I am not going into detail over this.

Then there's this shelf thing that holds my pen shit and my cute shit:

...and an ungodly mess underneath.

Which contains:

A box of my precious precious spikes. 

A box of random findings and bells....?

A box of almost-as-preicous-as-spikes crescents

Thre boxes of chainmaille supplies, semi-organized and labeled by size because I got fed up guessing what things were.

 One of TWO of these bags that contains nothing but superduos:

All those trays in there? SUPERDUOS. Even the pockets are filled with tubes of superduos.
Some miniduos and twins are in there...somewhere

Bag 2 contains my random Czech shapes. Such as DIAMONDUOS! and some Kheops. And some spikes that were too large to fit in the other containers so they live in here.

Honeycombs, rountrios, O-s, bricks, and a random 2 hole cabochon

Two hole triangles

4Ceeds and dragonscales, probably my other loves

A bin of True2mms

 A metric fuckton of daggers

And other random shit that I couldn't categorize, like Tilas and pips

Mmmmm, lookit them all in there

Then a box of random bits like pearls and off-brand crystals

My bins with tubes of delicas and random shapes that I don't have enough of to justify a separate container for.

Lookit them all there haphazardly thrown together like a bejeweled orgy.

A small bin with my Swarovski pearls

A clear shoebox full of 15/0s

(More copulating analogies)

TWO bins of 11/0s because reasons.

Yup. I just chucked em all in there.


A small thing of freshwater pearls and a random set of quartz that I like but have nowhere else to put it.

A bin of fire polish beads that I had at one point the mindset to use as teaching kits but lost interest or something idfk.

Ooo, lookit this box, it's got some nice shit in there.


This is the Shibori box. It has my Shbori stuff.


A random binder thing with random bits that I always forget about.

Yup that's what it looks like.

Other random containers with off brand crystals and a box of death that has my (now sorted) finished jewelry inside.

Huh....I should use some of these one of these days...


And another metric fuckton of opaque orange 11/0s.

....I'm not a fan of opaque orange 11/0's

Then this tower of crap here contains my other crafting shit like resin, paints, glitter, and pigments. Oh, and nail polish.

And mah POWER TOOLS. MMmmmm dremels

Yep that's about it for now. I will probably get a bunch of other crap sometime and completely throw my highly scientific organization skills out the window.


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