Monday, December 5, 2016


I personally did not take part in the Black Friday specials, or at least as much as I *could* have. I stayed inside and kept to my own damn self.

But I did get some fantastical things from Sweet Libertine, and I figured I'd share with you my micro bounty:

This first one is "Candy From Strangers" and it features a lovely pastel blue with gold shift in it. And it completely transforms when foiled into something shiny and chrome.

Up next is "Claymation," which is a neutral color that reminds me of clay, but with a purple shift in it and iridescent purple micro glitter.

Then there is "Plato's Predicament," which is homage to the owner's beloved fur child, and due to his passing is being discontinued. It is a lovely soft silver with extreme amounts of silvery glitters.

THen there is the Black Friday exclusive shade "Mistletoe," which is a pine-ish green (kind of on the softer side) with an assload of gold glittery bits. Love this one a lot.

Then these next two were the whole reason I put an order in the first place:

"Freakshow:" A metallic-y lime delight that is just amazeballs.

"Poison" A foresty green that pairs absolutely fantastically with Freakshow.

And AS a bonus, I received some samples of their color correcting powders, which I am enjoying rather immensely. 

Spoilers: I have already ordered a jar of the yellow to deal with my gargantuan eye spots that can almost be mistaken for a pit into the Void.

And that's it! If you like pigment shadows, be sure to check out Sweet Libertine. and For now I will be off deciding how to paint my face off.

(And if you haven't already, be sure to check out my review of the most recent Lusty Strumpet Society)

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