Thursday, December 1, 2016


*something something about fire...idfk*

This year was certainly a...challenge. And a test of patience. Looking forward to seeing it end, but also dreading what is next to come. However, things are a point...of sorts. So I will just take it as I can get it for now....



This month is the month of Catch the Fuck Up. With everything. I have most of YouTube set up for the month so that gives me some time to get some classes as well as flesh out some PDFs for you guys.

You guys might have seen this variation of my Halloween Challenge piece, where we went a little Viking.

And that's about all of the jewelry projects I can disclose at the moment, because the majority of what I will be working on will be gifts, and I can't keep track of who among my friends actually reads the garbage I write on the internet.

Regarding the PDFs, I think I will be banging out the smaller projects I have on deck first before Frost Drake, just so I can get them out to you faster. I am also in the process of learning a new method of illustrating the diagrams, so that maybe my hair doesn't turn grayer than it already is after fighting with InkScape.

I did just upload a new Skillshare class wherin I teach you guys how to make these adorable beaded cubes:

You guys, these things are SO FAST to whip together, and you can make em out of whatever leftover beads in your stash exist. Makes gifting super easy.

The vote is up for the Creations With Lessons With Odin Facebook group, and they have decided that this month I should make more gifty things for classes, as well as Scrying Wheel for a final project:

By the way, if you want to influence what I teach on Skillshare, you might want to JOIN US. 

I am also working on replacing my odinsbeadhall domain with a portfolio site instead of a shop, because I have yet to figure out wtf I am doing with the shop situation. Until the transition takes place, you can view what I have for a portfolio here:

Other than that, this is what I will try to be doing for jewelry.


On Jewelry Tuesdays, I have a delightful subscription box unboxening that will happen soon from BeaderBox, which I am super stoked about. I also have a few tiny tutorials (ALLITERATION!) and potentially a resin experiment.

Stationary and pen bits: I have a very fascinating vintage piece that I will be showing off as well as a paper gauntlet, an some more calligraphy practice. I want to play more with Engrosser's script.

On Fuckoff Friday's I'm going to try and divert away from makeup and do more Snack Time With Odin, as I have a couple of delightful treats to share. But There is this bit of shiny that I need to address:


...I really shouldn't dignify this section with a response.

I mean..I got an idea for another universe...because I TOTALLY needed another one....

*sigh* Maybe next year I'll finish it...


Not a whole hell of a lot going on elsewhere in my life.... I just want to get some work done so that I can maybe relax for a day or two. And play some video games.
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