Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Random real quick blob because I needed to share these beauties. As of late I haven't had the time nor motivation to do my nails, and all I had the energy to do was oggle and drool over all the shiny holo polishes that are way out of my price range.

BUT during the holiday season, Live, Love, Polish did a promo where they gave away a free exclusive polish for a certain number of days (prolly 12 but whatever) and I really couldn't pass that up. These bitches get upwards of 12-15$ a pop. I can deal with a theoretical 6$ bottle of nail polish x2. LOGIC.

I restrained myself and only bought one.


None other than A-England's St. George. Which I have been lusting after for many a month. And it was ALWAYS sold out whenever I got the courage to put it into my cart.

This thing is PACKED with super tiny micro holo glitter, so much that it collects in little pockets of rainbows. 

The color is a deep teal green that is reminiscent of my Urban Decay Zodiac polish (that I got on clearance a billion years ago.)

Then onto the freebie:

This is "Ho Ho H2O" from Starily, which was apparently made exclusively for Live, Love, Polish in their "Reason's Greetings" Collection

It's a rich cobalt blue with tons of blue glitter, larger than the A-England one

And can we talk about how fucking cute the box it came in was:

Yeah I'm keeping that bitch.

That is all I will leave you with, and possibly a link to Live, Love, Polish as well because I am an enabling asshole.

And now I must go because I have to spend hours deciding which one of the two I should paint my nails first. I may or may not update this post with finished nail photos, provided that I can actually get a good photo of my hands. Not real good at that to be perfectly honest.


UPDATE....because I am a weak feeble loser that cannot control impulse:


Rich wine holo???????

So this is Cirque Colors Ambrosia, which is supposedly limited edition for Holiday 2016.....so you may wanna get on that if you need it in your life.

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