About the Pre-Order Process

After a grueling six year battle, I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Writing Sleepless Flame has been a challenge, and I am extremely excited to see it start to take life. But while the battle has been won, the war has yet to be conquered. I need your help in making the final charge and come along with me to the world of self-publishing.
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About the Campaign

With everything slowly clicking into place, I am proud to say that I am set to finish the Beta draft of Sleepless Flame Book One by mid-October of this year.

And I meet my second largest roadblock: the cost of self-publishing. I would like to reach out to my friends and fans who are just as excited for this release as I am to help me in this endeavor.

This is what my plan is if all goes well with the final draft of my book:

Once finished, my next step is to send it over to my Editor (you can find her here if you’re curious)

While the draft is being torn apart, I will then search for a cover illustrator. I don’t want to half-ass this. While the adage goes “don’t judge a book by its cover,” you damn well know that isn’t the case. I would like to contract a digital painter for their work, as I have a very specific vision for the cover.

UPDATE: A COVER ARTIST HAS BEEN COMMISSIONED! The cover is currently in production, and I have reduced my stretch goals to reflect this. You can find their work HERE.

Thank you so much to all those who have pre-ordered and donated! This is SUCH a relief to me, you guys have no idea.

And finally, the nitty-gritty of publishing itself. Formatting the Ebook (which I plan on paying someone else to do), registering the final product to the Copyright office, and purchasing ISBN numbers.


I will finally be able to upload it to any and all digital book services (Amazon, Barnes&Noble, iBooks, etc.) I will also have print on demand through these sites, as well as keeping my own inventory using CreateSpace.


I am anticipating having the Digital publication up by March of 2018, and the physical copies out for shipping by June 2018.

PLEASE KEEP THIS IN MIND: This date can (and probably will) fluctuate depending on how fast I can get funding and put everything together.

So I highly recommend signing up for my email newsletter so you can keep up to date with any change to the deadlines, as well as get insight on my writing progress. Plus, I tend to sprinkle updates with sassy commentary, so it’s worth it just for the entertainment value.

The button above is a DONATION link if you would like to support Odin and their work on the project with a tip. Meaning: you WILL NOT receive a copy of the book, digital or physical.¬†This is basically a digital tip jar. I opened this for people who don’t really like scifi, but want to show support anyways.

If you are looking to purchase a pre-order of the digital EBook or the Printed copy, please look at the store listings HERE:


I would like to emphasize, that even if I do not make my goal by the time I have finished my draft, this does NOT mean that I will not publish. This just means that the release will be delayed while I scrape together the finances myself.

So, if you would like to have your copy sooner, SHARE. Share this with your friends, coworkers, and other people who would enjoy SciFi and gritty cyberpunk worlds. (There are social media buttons on the sidebar and above if you would like to help! ;))

Hell, share it with people who don’t like scifi too, maybe we can broaden some horizons!

To be ultimately transparent, this is the current breakdown of expenses, and where I derived my numbers for the goal:

  • Cover Art Commission from Digital Painter – $1500 (this is all depending on the designer, but hourly rates can range from $15-$50/hr. And I am expecting this piece to be at least a 30 hour project)
  • Editor Fees – $1000 (for a 200k word novel at $0.005/word)
  • Copyright Registration – $35 for e-filing
  • ISBN Numbers – $295 (for a pack of 10 numbers, which is MUCH cheaper than piecemeal, plus the Sleepless Flame world encompasses at least seven books by itself)
  • Book formatting to Ebooks – $80 (I plan on using this person¬†to get every document format possible on every large platform available)
  • Misc Bank Fees (Paypal, Stripe, etc.), Shipping Materials, Promo copies of the book, and OHGOD I DIDN’T THINK OF THIS – $620

And, that’s about it. I think? I want to thank all of you who have supported me this far in my journey, and I hope you will enjoy reading!

– <3 Odin