Mourning Ember

What would you sacrifice to save those who abandoned you?

Battered and bruised after the perilous escape from Arcadia, Nara and her companions set their sights to the stars. No rest awaited them when they reached her home world, however. Discontent stirs as the factions of government lie at the brink of civil war.

While the vanguard fleet of the Ara’yultr claims their territory amid the stars, the adjoining galactic forces have their sights on the fledgling nation. Shadows and intrigue swirl around the once neutral planet, plotting to plunder its resources amid the chaos of war.

Nara finds herself torn between reclaiming her power as Warlord or taking her fate into her own hands.  The demons who cast her into exile loom over her and the shreds of her remaining allies.  A peaceful resolution is no longer an option. She must choose what cards to play before her hand is snatched from her, and blood washes over the stars.

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Nara, meaning “Forsaken” in her native tongue, is an exiled war criminal from Homeworld. Having been burned many times by both business and personal relationships, she appears stand-offish to the stranger. Though it might take years, there is an ember of warmth that can be coaxed out from within her. The few she manages to trust have her fiercest loyalty and protection.

Nara, unfortunately, is plagued with very fragmented, cloudy dreams that give unclear messages, and all somehow portend a coming doom. Never being able to comprehend what her mind is telling her, she suffers from a self-inflicted insomnia, branding her the nickname “Sleepless One.”

Garrett Galavantier

Born in one of the most fortunate and influential families of Arcadia, the young Galavantier is heir to the megacorporation held in his father’s tight grasp. His education has been finely tuned to mold Garrett into the ideal businessman, but he has no interest in fulfilling his destiny as overlord. He absolutely loathes the Uppercity life, having to wear a mask every day in order to impress the optimal of society.

His main interest lies in galactic anthropology, and hopes someday to leave the planet to explore other cultures. His hobbies include researching ancient civilizations, and trading artifacts across an interstellar market. His ingrained business sense had given him an advantage, and he is rather successful at what he does. If he were not chained to the high society life, he would be able to make a living on his own easily.

The Ara’yulthr

Members of this race are characterized by their crimson skin, vertical slit pupils, and nail-like armor plating that protect major muscle groups. The plates themselves are known to be extremely sturdy, registering a 4-6 on the Mohs Hardness scale, depending on the individual.

They are physically an androgynous race, giving foreigners a hard time distinguishing gender. They tend to be built solidly, due to soldier training regimens enforced on the youth when they come of age. Foreigners have often compared them to statues or gargoyles due to their massive physique. Up close, there are very subtle details that can be picked up on, and features vary greatly for each individual.

The Ara’yulthr are known to have powerful subconscious capability, taking the form of vivid dreams that show pieces of the future, foretelling good or bad outcomes based off of potential decisions an individual may come across. They often spend time meditating to interpret the images.

In terms of intergalactic relations, the Ara’yulthr tend to keep all other races at arms length. They are a militaristic culture, and are constantly trying to maintain their neutrality despite GaPFed’s constant prying.


The Factions:

The World Council

Homeworld is run by a collective of citizens tasked with establishing order amid the populace. It is divided by clans, with one large unit at the Capital city that oversees both world and galactic issues. Three branches make decisions for the lives of the people: The Council of the Present, Past, and Future.

The Council of the Present

The Council of the Present oversees military operations and general order of the populace. It is composed of the Chief Warlords, as well as their select subordinates. They are the largest group by population count, as the majority of citizens are in active duty until granted permission to leave – usually sometime over five hundred years.

The Council of the Future

The Council of the Future is run by the head scientists and researchers. Chief researchers of each feild of study attend the Council meetings, and keep the populace up to date with new technology and resource management.

The Council of the Past

The Council of the Past encompass the historians and scribes of the community. It is their job to analyze patterns in history to ensure past mistakes are not repeated, as well as maintain the archives. The council is led by Loremaster, who has a select hand of Chief Scribes and apprentices attend meetings on their behalf. While the smallest branch, the Past is the most crucial voice in the World Council. Loremaster is an esteemed title, and the chief moderator for all council meetings

The Galactic Peace Federation (GaPFed)

The governing body that covers the majority of the galaxy. It is a conglomerate run by semi diplomatic means through appointed councilors of the most influential races in the solar system. Any space faring race must answer to them in order to establish territorial claims, as well as enforce an idealistic trade agreemend among the largest megacorporations. But they often do not run with the citizen’s best interests in mind…