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This game….where do I even *begin* with THIS GAME? I mean it’s not like I have a *problem* or anything-

….ok maybe a little bit of one….

That last achievement though, I stg…I know *EXACTLY* what I am missing >:[

SO! The game of discussion today is the indie dev studio Monomi Park’s Slime Rancher. The premise is you have acquired a quaint little ranch out in Far Far Away, and you must obliterate your competition and take your place in the cutthroat empire of crystallized shit. I am only exaggerating a little bit, but I will have you guess about which part.


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My Top 5 Iconic Foods in Sci-Fi

If you are here from the OWSCyCon Top 5 Blog hop, Welcome! If not, welcome as well and be sure to check out some fun bookish events happening over at OWSCyCon in May! I will be hosting a digital panel, as well as participating ins some of the events. Hope to see you there!

For my Top 5 I have chosen the subject of food. How people eat in their worlds really fleshes out the environment and makes a culture come alive.

While I know this does not cover EVERYTHING, these are some of my personal favorites in my consumption of SciFi:

Instant Chicken from the Fifth Element


This pretty much sums up the glory days of meal-in-a-pill dreams thought up in classic SciFi. Who wouldn’t want a full roast chicken at the press of a button?

MacMeaties Patties from Invader Zim

Ahhhh yes, ingenuity! Without the funding to obtain space-age technology of perfect meat without germs, MacMeaties improvised by using napkins. DELICIOUS!

Bloodwine and Romulan Ale from Star Trek

Because you need drinks to go along with your food, why not something not safe for human consumption?

Suspiciously delicious cereal from Deus Ex

Anything with a picture of a gnome that claims to be “Suspiciously Delicious” has an A+ in my book.

The Phantom Space Ramen from Space Dandy

Perhaps the one that pulls closest to my heart, the Phantom Space Ramen. Made from the tears of a master maker with eons of experience, the deceptively simple bowl will leave you warm to the core inside every dimension.

And of course some honorable mentions, the rugged sustenance packs that provide nothing more than nourishment:

Blue Milk from Star Wars – Just gonna leave this here:

Grey goo from The Matrix  – Nothin’ like a fake steak to satisfy the cravings.

Nutrient Packets from the Chanur universe by C.J. Cherryh – Because you need a huge energy bomb before hyperspace travel.

Feel something missing? Let me know on Twitter!!

If you like colorful food descriptions and thrilling heroics, why not also check out my Cyberpunk work Sleepless Flame for vibrant street food scenes and colorful characters.

Hope to see you at CyCon!

Until Next Time!

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Odin Makes Enamel Pins

Because I already have way too many irons in the fire, I figured now would be the most appropriate time to add another one to the forge.

From last week’s post, you know that I have a slightly unhealthy obsession with enamel pins. And because of this I have decided to embark on my own adventure of creating them. Thus the Curiosity Kitten was evoked from the depths of my squishiest brainmeats:

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Odin Gets Crafty

My SO had surprised me with a selection of clearance fabrics from the spooky section of a famous discount department store, and because I will take any excuse to avoid actual work, I decided to get DIY all over my pin board.

This is my current Pin Board. While I have an awesome collection, it is rather drab.
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Spooky Livestreams, Free Stories, and Cool Shit I Bought

Quick announcement before I get into spooky festivities, I will be doing a livestream Mukbang Sunday, October 14th at 7PM EST where I will be unboxing a Tokyo Treat premium box and tasting all the goodies inside. There may be a Japan Crate as well, but I had ordered it a few weeks ago and it has not shown up at my door yet. I will probably do another video on that as well.

Here is the fantastically overdramatic trailer for the livestream:

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Stinky things, Freelance, and Cons! – Update on the World of Odin

HOLY BALLS What a month is has been. I can’t even process it all but now I am flying at the seat of my pants and I hope the fabric holds. Between medical issues, precarious financial situations, and opportunities, my organization tendencies are on overdrive.

I would like to start by showing off some #ThursdayAesthetic themes I have participated in on Twitter recently, because they were so damned beautiful

The themes were Protagonist and Antagonist. Continue reading Stinky things, Freelance, and Cons! – Update on the World of Odin

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Battered and Bruised Updates – And Free books!

There has been a LOT going on in the world of Odin, some good, some not. As par for the course. Primarily, I have been dealing with a lot of medical bullshit, so my will to do anything has been put in front of a firing squad.

Despite all this I have been more vigilant in keeping up with my workout regimens, and gradually adding more to the load. The end goal for all of this is to git gud for my weekly HEMA sessions, which has been my “out” for mental health. A side effect, however, is that I am absolutely covered in bruises. I have to strategically put my arms in a specific angle in order to keep pressure off of them while typing >.< Continue reading Battered and Bruised Updates – And Free books!

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Time to subject myself to the bittersweet writing cycle again. Nara’s saga has just begun to take shape, and she has a whole solar system to experience. With the shaky end of the publication phase of Sleepless Flame, I barely had any time to recover my wits. But I find myself in this weird creative limbo where I have no desire to work on any side projects. And the lure of the Outline Sirens is calling. ONCE MORE INTO THE FRAY.


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