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This game….where do I even *begin* with THIS GAME? I mean it’s not like I have a *problem* or anything-

….ok maybe a little bit of one….

That last achievement though, I stg…I know *EXACTLY* what I am missing >:[

SO! The game of discussion today is the indie dev studio Monomi Park’s Slime Rancher. The premise is you have acquired a quaint little ranch out in Far Far Away, and you must obliterate your competition and take your place in the cutthroat empire of crystallized shit. I am only exaggerating a little bit, but I will have you guess about which part.


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Time to subject myself to the bittersweet writing cycle again. Nara’s saga has just begun to take shape, and she has a whole solar system to experience. With the shaky end of the publication phase of Sleepless Flame, I barely had any time to recover my wits. But I find myself in this weird creative limbo where I have no desire to work on any side projects. And the lure of the Outline Sirens is calling. ONCE MORE INTO THE FRAY.


APRIL will be dedicated to outlining and technology development of an alien species. How long that will last will depend entirely on  how well my brain can function. I am hoping no more than the entirety of the month. I will cut myself off regardless to begin the prose.

For those of you who are curious, I am a hybrid outliner and pantser writer. I will outline obsessively for an extended period of time, then decide to chuck everything out and do something else altogether as the pieces start fitting together. Now this doesn’t mean my outlining was a waste of time, it was just a step I had to take in order to get to my destination.

I have written a more detailed post on my writing process, if you are in to that sort of thing.

MAY is when I will start the prose, or earlier if I actually make headway with the storyline. Here is where I will also be writing the art brief for the cover and tease that along the way. As of now, I have the first chapter plotted out, as well as the direction of the story progression. The conclusion, however, is a mystery to me.

JULY is when I will reveal the cover and title to torment you all, and hopefully have set up preorders, at least on Smashwords, since I know they have a 12 month projection permitted. The thought of having a Halloween release is tempting, but I am also not sure if I want to wait until end of 2019. I am sure you feel the same.

After that, it is all up in the air. Sleepless Flame took SEVEN. YEARS. to come to completion, and that was due almost entirely to the fact that I was not considering myself a full time author. I had living situations to deal with, as well as mental health issues. Fun times were not had by all.

Now that this is my “job,” I am using the sequel to gauge a better metric for this bullshit. I’m still foggy about a lot of things, mostly about how to plan a release date while getting reviewers their material ahead of time. A lot of that doesn’t make sense to me, because I am NOT about to put a sub par piece of material in front of a reviewer. Maybe it’s a matter of putting your release date months ahead of your solid “finish date” or something. Any advice is welcome! Reach out to me on the Tweeters.

For now, I will drown myself in a Witch House playlist and maybe try not to go full hermit for this piece.

I may learn to relax a bit. Maybe haunt the local library. I need this print to motivate me.

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I will also be updating the newsletter email frequency so that I do not bombard your inboxes with weekly updates. The Weekly Summary Reports are mostly there to be my public accountability posts, and a personal way to track my progress. Therefore, I will only be sending out emails whenever I make a “meaty” post like writing tips and short stories once or twice a month. But don’t fret, I will also send a link to the Weekly Summary Report archive for you to check out at your leisure. I know some of you enjoy watching my gradual descent into unintelligible eldritch frothing. And of course this is most likely where I will post the release date for Sleepless Flame 2.0

And ALSO! The folks over at New England Speculative Writers are having a giveaway featuring Sleepless Flame as well as thirteen additional titles from fantastic authors on the East Coast. If you want to snag a digital copy of my book for free check out the link here:

New England Speculative Writers Giveaway

And I think that will do it from me, if you have read the book, please do feel free to leave me a review on Amazon, it helps me out a ton to let other readers know what sorts of good fun they are in for.

Until Next Time! Well wishes appreciated!


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I Got Interviewed – Odin’s Writing Process

Greetings all!! I’ve been featured by the awesome  about my writing techniques and inspiration. Check out the article if you want to learn a little more about me.

Author Interview: Odin Oxthorn


And while you are there, why not check out her other Enby author recommendations and her own stories?


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A Billion Copies of Odin is a Terrifying Thing

We all know me and my love for stealth action games. And for hyperfuturistic games. So I poked around the Steam sales looking for MORE, and I happened upon this fascinating work called ECHO from UltraUltra, which is a Denmark based indie studio formed by veterans of the Hitman series, and not unfamiliar to the genre.

Guess what guys, I have MORE FEELINGS. This is certainly a unique experience that I would recommend to others, but there were a few small hangups that I found conflicting with my play.

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Sneaky Assassinations….Or Not?

Quick Book Update for those who are interested: The manuscript is now out of my hands and in the power of my Editor. I should see it again sometime in January, then after a week or two of more edits, it should be good to go to final formatting. Cover art is pending as well, I should hopefully see that by the end of this month, so stay tuned~

And now I am in this weird phase of not knowing what to do with myself, so I tried this thing called “relaxing” and dusted off my Steam Library. I had forgotten about this little gem called Shadwen, and I was immediately drawn to it because of the protagonist:


And I am absolutely delighted to report that the story did not disappoint.

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Odin Reviews Some Weenies


If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen me squee over a delightful quad of vials with a backdrop of a rather surreal, though enjoyable painting (buttslol).

Also, if you know me very well, you would know that I LOVE perfume. A lot. It makes me feel nice feelings of nicety and warm.

And, in addition, Halloween has just passed, though I do tend to revel in the celebration all year round.

Using powers of deduction,  you might conclude that these vials are none other than Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs Halloweenies perfumes for the year 2017.

Good job, you critical thinker you.

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Odin Does the Halloween Writer’s Tag

Since I do not have a progress report for you this week (spending the majority of my time crying in front of the first half of my manuscript as I reconstruct the entire thing while severely under-caffeinated), I figured I would do something appropriately festive for you guys, because the spooky season fills me with glee.

I got this tag from Caroline Huball’s Blog, so be sure to check it out if you would like to do it on your own.

1. Are you a scaredy cat or a horror aficionado?

Eh, that’s a complicated question. In terms of narrative fiction, I would enjoy it quite a lot (see further for caveat). But in movies and other media, I am not a fan of slasher and excessive gore, unless it’s done to a point where it is comical (i.e. The Thing, omfg I pulled a hernia laughing so hard at the abdomen teeth). Which is ironic, if you consider how violent my writing is. I’m not a fan of jumpscares either, I consider it a cheap tactic and I get real punchy when startled.
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Odin Does Not Want To Remember

Remember Me Gameplay

We all should know by now that Odin loves Cyberpunk. I mean, really loves cyberpunk. Odin is currently writing a cyberpunk book, after all. Odin probably has an unhealthy obsession, but let’s not discuss that, shall we?

There is also a severe lack of content in the genre, especially ones with three dimensional female and enby characters that aren’t reduced to sex bots or used as a grim warning that women shouldn’t augment because HOOOORMOOOONES ooooooOOOOOooooooOOOOSCARY, (another reason why I am writing a damned book on the subject) And I was somewhat intrigued by the Capcom/DontNod release Remember Me.

But frustration does not even begin to encapsulate my experiences with this…game.

I have….feelings. Again.

…and I hate those.

So hunker down, grab a sammich and some tea, and settle in for a long ride on this gaming rant.

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I apologize in advance for the lack of photos and a wall of text, I got a lot going on in my head, and I just can’t be bothered at the moment to find things that illustrate my angst towards this game. So I leave you with some suspicious breakfast cereal:

So…how suspicious we talkin’? Like, “unidentifiable fruit flavor” suspicious, or “the wheat was blended with a select choice of orphan blood” suspicious?

Ahhh, Deus Ex, how I love thee. Chop up my limbs and glue me to a particle accelerator, then inject my veins with tiny microscopic robots. My body is ready.

So I have finished the most recent extension to the Deux Ex universe: Mankind Divided. And, it was a good game. Which is my problem with it. Good game. Period. Not an excellent game. Or even a solid game.

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Hunker down and grab a snack, kiddies. This one’s gonna be a long one. And I will be talking about a mature rated video game, so if you’re here from my beading and jewelry videos….well, you might want to skip this one. (I post more jewelry and nice things on Tuesdays on my YouTube channel…)

So over the winter break, I had the experience of playing this little gem right here:


Not shown – the grin plastered across my face stretching from ear to ear