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Just a little thing I had submit for an antho. Since it was not accepted, I figured I would share it with you.

            “It’s up here.” Mavryh clambered to the top of jagged remnants of a fallen aircraft, their excitement barely contained as they pointed to the horizon. “There. Do you see it?”

            They rolled over the creaking hull, spinning around and folding their legs neatly beneath them. Their eyes traced over the glittering splendor concealed by swirling violet clouds. Seven silver spires scintillated in the harsh desert sunlight, beacons amid the ashen earth. “Netty, come on!”

            Antonia slithered her little droid form around her companion’s ankles, using her singular mobile tendril to wriggle up and around until she could to perch on their shoulder. She shook the crust off her plating before focusing her sensors, eyeing the direction of the excited finger jutting out to the horizon. “I’ve told you before, there’s nothing out there.”

            “It’s right there!” They shook harder, as if their waving would reveal their vision to her.

            “Mavs.” Her metal eyelids creaked as they lowered. She watched the swirling tunnels of sand block out the sun in the distance, the deadly dance of sharpened particles threatening to consume all that dared to reach it. “There’s nothing there, love. Only rust.”

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The Gift

NOTE: This was an older piece from my previous blog. I had been meaning to update it for the longest time, and since it is holiday appropriate, I decided that this was a good a time as any to do so. Enjoy!

Soft chatters of the console panel hummed in harmony with the festive status lights. Peace enveloped the glittering command deck, a rare occurrence this distance away from civilized space. Though the ship ran silent, someone still had to watch over the bridge.

The commander gazed through the stars through the viewport, sipping the only glass of brandy she would allow herself to indulge in while she maintained her post. Even though they looked the same in every quadrant of space, the silent dots of fire soothed her with a comforting nostalgia. She often confided in them on nights like these, hoping to gain their venerable wisdom through fervent concentration. Continue reading The Gift

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I’d Ship It

The panels reverberated violently to the rhythmic thuds of bass. What had started with simple head bobbing evolved gradually into foot tapping. Keystrokes were pressed in harmonic patterns. His fingers fluttered until the silky sound captured his limbs, his arms stirring the air in smooth undulations. Malik was overtaken, his torso swayed as his mind was taken prisoner by the melody, snatched away from the outside world. He glided over to the environmental controls, sliding the light down to a more appropriate darkness.

The slow tempo smoothly transitioned, elevating to a mighty crescendo. Malik slammed into the pilot seat, swiveling the cushion around in circles as he continued to make waves with his arms and shoulders. As the bass shuddered through his skull, a surge of energy coursed through his muscles, causing his movements to grow jagged, violent. The beats repeated, commanding his every move like an auditory puppeteer.

But as the climax descended, the noise relinquished its control of his body. The rhythm slowed to a small series of heartbeats. Malik eased his breath as he gently coaxed the flight settings, pressing buttons and picking at switches in time with each remaining thud. Silence returned, and he reclined in the chair, a self-satisfied smile stretched across his lips.

“I really wish you wouldn’t listen to that garbage while inside me,” Niner-3 piped in.
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