Greetings! And welcome to my dank, cramped hole in the internet.

Here you will find the home base of my scifi/cyberpunk series in progress: Sleepless Flame, as well as a goodly amount of cynicism.

Currently, I am offering Pre-Order copies of the first book, as well as hosting a tip jar for those who like my content and would like to help support me in the daunting realm of self-publishing.

Feel free to explore the site and find excerpts of the book, my rabid musings, as well as extra behind-the-scene status reports of progress.

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And if you are an author looking for an unconventional approach to writing, you may be interested in THESE TASTY BITS.

These are the current deadlines I am attempting to adhere to. I’M SO CLOSE I CAN TASTE IT. AND IT TASTES LIKE…angst.

If you want a more detailed thread of griping, you can check out my progress reports HERE.

  • Chapter 12 Beta Due Date

    August 21 

    DONE! as of 8/26 – better late than never, eh?

  • Chapter 13 Beta Due Date

    September 4

    DONE! Technically as of 8/5 but it was 95% done so it still counts 😛

  • Chapter 14 Beta

    September 18

    DONE! As of 9/9. ONE REMAINING. Well, shit.

  • Chapter 15 Beta

    October 2

    DONE as of 10/07 whoa. The feels.


    November 13th

    Where I ship this thing off to the editorio.