Greetings! And welcome to my dank, cramped hole in the internet.

Here you will find the home base of my scifi/cyberpunk series in progress: Sleepless Flame, as well as a goodly amount of cynicism.

Currently, I am offering Pre-Order copies of the first book, as well as hosting a tip jar for those who like my content and would like to help support me in the daunting realm of self-publishing.

Feel free to explore the site and find excerpts of the book, my rabid musings, as well as extra behind-the-scene status reports of progress.

HERE might be of interest. Or perhaps HERE. Eh, maybe HERE!

And if you are an author looking for an unconventional approach to writing, you may be interested in THESE TASTY BITS.

These are the current deadlines I am attempting to adhere to. I’M SO CLOSE I CAN TASTE IT. AND IT TASTES LIKE…angst.

If you want a more detailed thread of griping, you can check out my progress reports HERE.


Second Draft Completed as of 11/30 and sent off to final Beta Readers, then will be shipped to the Editorio!

Mid-December, Final Edits to be worked through.

Next Financial Roadblocks:

  • ISBN Aquisition
  • Formatting Service
  • Copyright Submission


Tentative release scheduled for March 2018!!

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