Front Cover of the cyberpunk work Sleepless Flame by Odin Oxthorn

Greetings! My name is Odin Oxthorn and welcome to the home base of my scifi and cyberpunk book: Sleepless Flame, as well as a goodly amount of cynicism. This is my dank, cramped hole in the internet where I write my most absurd musings for your reading pleasure.

Sleepless Flame is a faced-paced action-packed scifi story that features a nonbinary protagonist. Follow the exploits of a disgraced war criminal as they navigate a vibrant cyberpunk world full of corporate intrigue while using fascinating automated combat technology and computer skills. Great for readers who enjoy Bladerunner and Shadowrun games.

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While you are here, feel free to explore the site and find excerpts of the book, my rabid musings, as well as extra behind-the-scene status reports of progress.  If you enjoy vivid hyperfuturistic worlds, starship travels, and cybernetic augmentations, then you will surely enjoy your stay. Also, if you like dark humor and foul language, you will probably be more than at home. Get comfy! Pull up a seat and a fizzy beverage, then poke around these colorful worlds.

And if you are an author looking for an unconventional approach to writing, you may be interested in THESE TASTY BITS. I have gone over topics such as writing with some nonbinary characters, tips on choreographing combat scenes, as well as my experience with Improv Comedy and how it helped my writing.

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