Sneaky Assassinations….Or Not?

Quick Book Update for those who are interested: The manuscript is now out of my hands and in the power of my Editor. I should see it again sometime in January, then after a week or two of more edits, it should be good to go to final formatting. Cover art is pending as well, I should hopefully see that by the end of this month, so stay tuned~

And now I am in this weird phase of not knowing what to do with myself, so I tried this thing called “relaxing” and dusted off my Steam Library. I had forgotten about this little gem called Shadwen, and I was immediately drawn to it because of the protagonist:


And I am absolutely delighted to report that the story did not disappoint.

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Odin Shouts Endlessly into the Eternal Void



Alright, I had to get that out of my system.


Herein marks the end of the second draft. (Mostly. I really want to pan through the last fight scene because I wasn’t happy with it, but I am also reaching that point where I reeeeeally need to stop touching things before I set everything on fire.)

It is now safely in the hands of my Beta readers, and then it will be shipped off to the editor for one final chopping session.

After that, I will be scraping together the rest of the funds of the publishing costs, such as the ISBN, Copyright registration, and formatting. WHOOOOOO PAPERWORK!!!

Take a break, you say? BAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! No. That is not how Odin functions. Now I am kicked into the pit of the holiday rush (despite not being an active participant) and I am already contemplating the second book.


COVER ARTIST ACHIEVED!!!!!!!! I have commissioned the lovely individual RinRinDaishi from DeviantArt, and I have just received concepts, and I can’t even. You guys. MY HEART CANNOT HANDLE THIS SHIT RIGHT NOW.

Check out their work! DOIT!!!

Once everything is finalized, I will be posting a cover art reveal, so be sure you are subscribed to newsletters for updates. (The salty thing over on the sidebar)

And you will want to be sure you are subscribed, because you will get access to the WHOLE FIRST CHAPTER to download for your viewing pleasure on the Welcome Email. If you are already subscribed, I just sent off an update email with the link attached. (Be patient, it’s kinda slow. Or check your Spam folder. I like Spam and I often end up there.)

That’s about all I got for now. It has been a roller coaster…or, well, maybe a ski jump. I think that is more accurate. I want to thank everyone who has supported me on this adventure, and I hope my salt has not totally sogged the spirits.

Enjoy your holidays, if you celebrate. And if not, have a chill winter season.

Until Next Time!


Odin Learns to Dodge Wrenches


This was an arduous week. I honestly didn’t expect to spend so much time on these edits.  What was giving me the most difficulty was chapter three, which I have pretty much rewritten ENTIRELY. That being said, it is FINISHED, and I even like where it went, despite the agony it had caused.

I also kicked out another chapter, which only took me about two days, a new record for me Whee! It was the first encounter with Experimentalists, so lots of squishy metaphors were used.

I have about four chunky chapters left, three of them should go pretty smooth, and one huge beast that I am not looking forward to. After that it *should* be smooth sailing. In theory…

Today I am hoping to have another chapter done. I have already cut off two pages of exposition that doesn’t need to be explained until the next book. Then there is a small section of combat that I don’t need to tweak in terms of choreography, just need to update the voicing. So…wish me luck? Better yet send energy drinks. And Oreos. Maybe a blanket fort.

I say this EVERY week, but I am hoping to have this sent off by NEXT week. It’s getting there. and I am getting tired of looking at it.

The holiday feels are providing another obstacle, and winter is pushing me into some blahs and mehs. In any case, just wanted to poke a quick update and let you guys know where I am at.

I am also eyeing BPAL Yules and I don’t know quite yet if I am going to partake. I did love the Halloweenies I purchased!

In any case! I don’t have a lot of random thoughts or rants to throw in your direction either. I’m kind of dealing with tunnel vision as I pull through the final stretch.

Hopefully you guys are having a better season full of delightful things!

Until Next Time!

Odin Reviews Some Weenies


If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen me squee over a delightful quad of vials with a backdrop of a rather surreal, though enjoyable painting (buttslol).

Also, if you know me very well, you would know that I LOVE perfume. A lot. It makes me feel nice feelings of nicety and warm.

And, in addition, Halloween has just passed, though I do tend to revel in the celebration all year round.

Using powers of deduction,  you might conclude that these vials are none other than Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs Halloweenies perfumes for the year 2017.

Good job, you critical thinker you.

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Odin is an Axe Murderer

Since most people around me are out doing spooky things without me (I’M NOT BITTER) I thought I would at least write a quick little progress update on how I have been doin’ on the draft.

Gonna level with you, it’s real rough. Morale is low.

Turns out the first half of the book, which I *thought* was finished, sounds WORLDS different than the more recent second half. So I’ve started taking the chainsaw to it.

Which unfortunately means it is not going to be sent to my editor for at least another week, most likely two. I have just reached the end of the second chapter, which should be finished TONIGHT, but this means I have another five more to bring up to speed.

A lot of exposition has been chopped off, which will hopefully smooth out the flow of the story, and quicken the pace. I came to the conclusion that a lot of the questions asked could be answered in the second book, which takes place on a whole new planet.

Take for instance the old word count:

And the new one:

(Ignore the page count, I got ahead of myself and added the second chapter to get ready for the final formatting)

2k has been vivisected from the first chapter. And that’s just the first passthru.

Now, for those who have pre-ordered, this means nothing when it comes to the projected release dates of March and June, it just means that I have a little less time to scramble around and maybe take a breath or two. It was a very pessimistic forecast, and as far as I know, those dates still hold true.

That’s about all I got for you this week, next time I should have with you a rather stanky review of some delightful perfumes. I just got in my order of BPAL Halloweenies, and I should have enough time to give them a fair impression.

So if you will excuse me, I am off to second guess myself and wonder if I am losing detail in the overall flow. And sleep. Mostly sleep.


If you want to get semi-spooky with me, I will be on Twitch Tuesday October 31st at 6PM EST playing Costume Quest and stuffing my face with candy and sugary drinks.

Until Next Time!


Odin Does the Halloween Writer’s Tag

Since I do not have a progress report for you this week (spending the majority of my time crying in front of the first half of my manuscript as I reconstruct the entire thing while severely under-caffeinated), I figured I would do something appropriately festive for you guys, because the spooky season fills me with glee.

I got this tag from Caroline Huball’s Blog, so be sure to check it out if you would like to do it on your own.

1. Are you a scaredy cat or a horror aficionado?

Eh, that’s a complicated question. In terms of narrative fiction, I would enjoy it quite a lot (see further for caveat). But in movies and other media, I am not a fan of slasher and excessive gore, unless it’s done to a point where it is comical (i.e. The Thing, omfg I pulled a hernia laughing so hard at the abdomen teeth). Which is ironic, if you consider how violent my writing is. I’m not a fan of jumpscares either, I consider it a cheap tactic and I get real punchy when startled.
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Odin Does Not Want To Remember

We all should know by now that Odin loves Cyberpunk. I mean, really loves cyberpunk. Odin is currently writing a cyberpunk book, after all. Odin probably has an unhealthy obsession, but let’s not discuss that, shall we?

There is also a severe lack of content in the genre, especially ones with three dimensional female and enby characters that aren’t reduced to sex bots or used as a grim warning that women shouldn’t augment because HOOOORMOOOONES ooooooOOOOOooooooOOOOSCARY, (another reason why I am writing a damned book on the subject) And I was somewhat intrigued by the Capcom/DontNod release Remember Me.

But frustration does not even begin to encapsulate my experiences with this…game.

I have….feelings. Again.

…and I hate those.

So hunker down, grab a sammich and some tea, and settle in for a long ride on this gaming rant.

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A Jovial Progress Report

I apologize in advance for any and all typing errors that may occur. I reeeeally fucked my sleep schedule up this week, and I don’t think my brain has the ability to catch everything yet. (Energy drinks at midnight are always SMART CHOICES (TM)

I am in such high spirits this week, because SO MANY THINGS are clicking together. I promise I will not ruin this moment with casual cynicism and my impulse to wait for the other shoe to drop. THIS DOESN’T HAPPEN TO ME!


That’s it. Chapter 15’s draft form. It’s over. FEELINGS.

All that is left is to take the first half of the book and chisel off all the fluffy bits and cringe at how awful my writing voice was three years ago. The beast is sitting pretty at over 195k, and I think I can hack off a limb or two.

While that is all good, I am going to let it sit away from my fidgety brain for about a week. As I mentioned in my previous update, I will be spending some time catching up on the Octoberween revelries on YouTube. Then after everything is automated, I will return to the final edit of the monster before I ship it off to my editor.

So with that, it seems like the need for weekly summary reports has become redundant with the end of this chapter. I think I will have one more once I have officially shipped it off, with a final word count for the beast.

After that, I plan to continue my regularly scheduled ravings on the blog. I have a rant about the video game Remember Me to write, and other tidbits floating around the brainmeats. If you have any suggestions for things you would like me to talk about, from games, writing tips, food reviews, or just a general rant about something nonsensical, feel free to poke me on Twitter about it, and I will see what I can do.

IN OTHER EXTRAORDINARILY EXCITING NEWS. I have commissioned a cover artist. HOLY SHIT. You have no idea how much relief this is to me. Details are still being ironed out, but once things are more concretely established, I will share with you the artist details so you can marvel at their awesomeness.

Thank you so much to those who have preordered and donated already! I was able to pay this person promptly with your help, and this is such a weight lifted from my brain. This means that the projected publishing time is still, well, on time!

This means the remainder of the costs are much more manageable, and I can start heading towards the final polish.

HOLY BAJANGLING BALLS WHAT A JOURNEY THIS HAS BEEN. THINGS ARE SO SMOOTH RIGHT NOW! SMOOTH LIKE A…uh…yeah, I can’t think of an appropriate simile in my current state of mind. Perhaps I should sleep? But that would be the most logical response. And I am not a logical human.

ANYWAYS. That is all I have for now, stay tuned for more updates, as well as shiny revelry in the future posts~

Till next time!



The Spookiest of Weekly Reports

This week has not been the most fruitful in terms of productivity, but let’s face it: it is now October. I want nothing more than to frolic in the crisp pungent air and roll around in the decay of nature as I hurl candy at unwitting citizens.

I did manage to emerge from my dank hermit hole and take a night trip to see a VNV Nation concert, and holy hell. I was not prepared.

Never have I been to an industrial concert (and there have been quite a few) that cracked my shell of awkwardness and social anxiety to a point where I actually felt like participating in the revelry.

Ronan is just an amazing showman, and just absolutely captivated the audience with this energy and warm feelings. It was an amazing experience.

I also managed to snag a pretty stellar view from the balcony.

And brought a few things home with me. I already own four albums, including Empires, so I was excited to add on to my collection with the other album they performed that night.

I also picked up The Methuselah Tree from iVardensphere, who did supporting act. He did a fantastic improv show with his magical wizardy, and it was an awesome start to the night. I may do a more detailed review of the albums later when twelve demonic forces aren’t demanding my attention at the same time.

This show meant a lot to me. VNV Nation was one of the groups in my adolescence that struck so many chords with me, got me out of some troubling times. I was glad to be able to see them in person, and especially find such a spirited individual behind the music. Thank you.

And enough of that sappy shit I suppose. IT IS THE START OF OCTOBERWEEN. I made a trip to the local Michaels to purchase something I needed for a jewelry design on my YouTube channel. Keyword: someTHING. ONE. THING. But I suppose my spooky shelf needed updating:


I will be futzing with that whenever I get the opportunity.

So on to the actual writing subject matter:

Not an impressive word count, BUT!


(heheh. BUTT)

I know where things are going now. Everything is plotted and clicking into place, and in theory, I should have everything done by mid-week. Provided the spooks don’t get to me.

There is SO. MUCH. ACTION. in this chapter. It’s taking a toll on me. I have had to do some research to make sure that maneuvers performed are actually something plausible in the tenuous sense of reality that I possess. Thankfully it is, because I am not about to go figuring more shit out.

What I *think* I am going to do is, whenever I do finish 15, I will let it all sit and muddle in my brain. I’ll get working on the Octoberween videos on YouTube and the jewelry designs I have planned. When that’s finished, I’ll take on the entire piece one last time for content editing and enter with fresh eyes as I inevitably despise every single word that crosses my vision.

BUT THE END IS NEAR. Next on the agenda would be to send it to my editor, then figure out what the hell I am doing for a cover artist. The art by itself will be the most vital asset that will be holding back the completion of the project. I have a very particular style in mind, and that style is not cheap, unfortunately.

So in the meantime, feel free to poke around the website while I get into other machinations, share the word around, and perhaps together we can make this happen. For realsies.

I hope you all have a fantastical spooktacular season that is only as scary as your comfort zone allows.

Until Next Time!🎃🎃🎃🎃

The Elusive Progress

You ever just find that one wardrobe artifact that you practically lust after, something you just dream about how rad you would look, and how it would swoosh as you are walking past your minions?

No? Just me? Pah.

For me, that piece of clothing is right here:

It’s just so….PERFECT. Agh it kills me.

And what is even worse 1.) It is actually MY SIZE (seriously you have no idea how rare that is in goth fashion) and 2.) IT’S FUCKING ON. SALE. UGH.

Oh yeah, so writing report progress….

I am reeeeally looking forward to the two to three week period after exercising when my energy stops getting drained after I walk down some stairs. I got shit to do.

Anyone see my Muse around? I got some asplainin to do with them as well…

Needless to say, I’m not particularly proud of my progress this week, despite the fact that I am posting an update a little early. But I did get some clerical things out of the way, like this Tuesday’s YouTube video (A delightfully shiny one, that is), and got to partake on a super cool closed Beta from a studio that I have loved for a long time.

The shamefully pathetic word count we are looking at this week:

Yeah…kinda painful. That being said, the intro is fully fleshed out, as well as the transitional exposition that happens BEFORE the actually interesting bits…so, I guess that’s a win?

I do have a general idea of what is going on now, I just need to glue my hands to the keyboard and smash my face against my screen. I am confident that I can get it done in time, I’ve just reached that point where it’s the final stretch and I have been looking at it for so long that a lye bath sounds much more appealing….

…yeah after thinking on that, maybe not. THANKS BRAIN, NO ONE ASKED FOR YOUR SLASHER FANTASY.

Anyways, the goal of this week is to make the exciting parts actually exciting to read. And with that, I should probably get back to it.

But, I just wanted to say, gaddamn does Nara know how to make an entrance:

Anyhow, I suppose that will do it for me. I will hopefully get this beast wrangled by next week, just in time. Then to polish it until my fingers bleed.

If you are so inclined, I have just opened up a Ko-Fi page as well. If you would like to help fuel my unhealthy caffeine habits, feel free to buy me a coffee there:

Until Next Time~