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Post-Con Collapse

Fwuhhhhhhhh. What a weekend. I have just finished up an event at a geek con featured inside a local library, and it was a magical adventure! 

Here is a pic of my table setup, which holds the remainder of my jewelry and my books! It was quite a productive adventure, I met lots of lovely people and the organizers were so fantastic!

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Odin and the Tweeters

Aside from rambling off on my space here on the blog, I do a lot of word vomiting on Twitter. I have been following a lot of writer hashtags, and I thought I would share a collection of them here since they delve into some background and scenery topics of the Sleepless Flame world.

If you aren’t already following me there, I’d highly recommend it for extra tidbits to read while you are waiting for my slow ass to crank the sequel out of my brains.

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Stinky things, Freelance, and Cons! – Update on the World of Odin

HOLY BALLS What a month is has been. I can’t even process it all but now I am flying at the seat of my pants and I hope the fabric holds. Between medical issues, precarious financial situations, and opportunities, my organization tendencies are on overdrive.

I would like to start by showing off some #ThursdayAesthetic themes I have participated in on Twitter recently, because they were so damned beautiful

The themes were Protagonist and Antagonist. Continue reading Stinky things, Freelance, and Cons! – Update on the World of Odin

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Battered and Bruised Updates – And Free books!

There has been a LOT going on in the world of Odin, some good, some not. As par for the course. Primarily, I have been dealing with a lot of medical bullshit, so my will to do anything has been put in front of a firing squad.

Despite all this I have been more vigilant in keeping up with my workout regimens, and gradually adding more to the load. The end goal for all of this is to git gud for my weekly HEMA sessions, which has been my “out” for mental health. A side effect, however, is that I am absolutely covered in bruises. I have to strategically put my arms in a specific angle in order to keep pressure off of them while typing >.< Continue reading Battered and Bruised Updates – And Free books!

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ODIN IS AFFLICTED – Weekly (ish) Summary Report

So I’m feeling like toasted ass and my body has basically told me to gfy, so I have been attempting to take it easy for the week. I’m thinking it’s walking pneumonia again, which is only mildly irritating instead of incapacitating. But needless to say, it’s annoying to the fact that I probably shouldn’t be performing my normal routines, including going out in public and exercising. Continue reading ODIN IS AFFLICTED – Weekly (ish) Summary Report

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How Improv Comedy Helped Me as a Writer

Like most who know about the artform, I was introduced to improv comedy from the famed TV show Whose Line Is It Anyway? Despite many of the references going over my head at the time, I still found myself bursting at the seams with laughter at the off-the-cuff antics of the performers.

In high school, I was fortunate enough to participate in an improv club, where we not only played common games, but also took field trips to performances and studied techniques from professionals in the city. Continue reading How Improv Comedy Helped Me as a Writer

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Welcome to the very first Weekly Summary Report of  Sleepless Flame 2.0. Things…are happening. As far as I can tell. My body is currently recovering from the shock of organized scheduling, and I may have taken on too much too soon. What else is new?

In addition to the writing shenanigans, I am attempting another workout regiment while hoping not to feel like death the day after. So far it’s not going well. I took two days off so that I won’t feel like an open can of  Surströmming that’s been left out in the sun for a month when I go to HEMA practice over the weekend.

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Time to subject myself to the bittersweet writing cycle again. Nara’s saga has just begun to take shape, and she has a whole solar system to experience. With the shaky end of the publication phase of Sleepless Flame, I barely had any time to recover my wits. But I find myself in this weird creative limbo where I have no desire to work on any side projects. And the lure of the Outline Sirens is calling. ONCE MORE INTO THE FRAY.


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