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Odin Limps Toward Health And Other Crap

A looooong bout of silence, my apologies. I have a lot of new things going on in my life, some good. Some bad. Some EUGH. To those of you who are new here, HI! Welcome to my realm of absurdity where nothing is scheduled and timelines are meaningless.



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Mortimer has his first spine!!!

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Innovation Sci-Fi eBooks Giveaway!

Summer is coming…..and that is friggin HOT. It’s too hot to move or do anything, so what better time to get in some new reads then NOW. What’s better than new books? FREE BOOKS!

I am participating in the Innovation Sci-Fi ebooks giveaway, where not only will the winner get a copy of Sleepless Flame, but 34 other books, as well as a 24$ gift card to fill your eReaders with delicious treats! To find out more details on the giveaway, check out the Book Magnet here:

And if you are visiting from the giveaway, HELLO! Welcome to my world of absurdity. Pull up a chair and perchance a snack, and take a look at my tidbits offered. I am sure you will have fun here~

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Odin Has A Green Thumb…..Sorta.

So I have been following this Goth Gardening group on Facebook, and after being extremely jelly of all the wonderous spooky witchy gardens, found this little guy at a Five Below:

Which is perfect, because I live in a little tikes house with no yard or reasonable windowsills where the cats can’t get at.

Hopefully this journey will be fruitful…..despite the fact that I have killed moss in the past…

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Find out More About the World of The Queen of Clocks and Other Steampunk Tales by Science Fiction Writer Crysta K. Coburn During OWS CyCon 2019

Welcome to another guest post for OWS CycCon’t Worldbuilding blog hop! Today I have for you an author of Steampunk Fairytales, and they will be talking about their process creating their fantastical worlds. You can also find a full list of authors and topics on the OWS Cycon website.

Welcome Crysta K. Coburn!

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M.J. Keeley Shares Their Greatest Sci Fi Gadget During OWS CyCon 2019

Hullo to all and welcome to another stop in OWS Cycon’s spiffy Blog Hop! Here we are highlighting awesome Sci Fi tech for other indie authors. Find a full list of participating authors and topics for this hop on the OWS Cycon website.

Greetings Matthew!

Before you tell us about your gadget, what is Turning the Hourglass about?

The novel is set in the 23rd Century after a world war that has killed billions and wiped out entire countries, cultures, and historical records. New time-travelling technology now means historians can visit the past to research and record ancient events, trying to rebuild records and restore a clearer picture of the world’s history. Dyrne Samson – one of these historians – is the protagonist and it soon becomes clear he’s using his time-travelling privileges for ulterior motives.

So what sorts of goodly mechanical machinations will you be telling our readers about today?

The ‘pods’ in my novel are the machines that allow the historians to visit the past. They’re spheres that people can step inside while images from the past are projected onto the interior walls or shell. The historians aren’t technically ‘travelling’ anywhere. The pods use giant telescopes to beam scenes from the past into the pods. The historians can then ‘walk’ around almost like they’re in a giant spherical treadmill, letting them explore the images they’re seeing. However, there’s an inexplicable two-way effect to the pods. This side effect means that sometimes images of the historians are beamed back into the past. So people hundreds of years ago end up seeing blurry silhouettes and figures. This is what ghosts really are.

Dyrne stepped toward the pod. A section of railing had unlocked itself, and the neat door slid open, inviting him in. He climbed the stone stairs to the platform and crossed the threshold, stepping inside the enveloping orb. It supported his weight without budging. He touched its pearly smoothness with both hands.

[…] The sheath door glided into place behind him. Click. The pod chamber sounds beyond the sphere became muted as if he’d been submerged underwater. Static shivered in his ears. Then the familiar shuddering overhead. The groan and whirr of gargantuan machinery shifting, compressing all its power into this little egg. He swallowed a throatful of sand. The rosiness of the surrounding shell began to swirl and melt, like ink dropped in water. The pink twirled into brown, black, navy, green, lime. Then the smoothness of the concave pod morphed and melded into angular shapes and lines and edges. Objects. Furniture. Walls. Shelves. A flat ceiling. Carpet. The light settled into mustard. Dyrne stepped forward and felt the now-invisible pod move under him. The surrounding images of the dull room shifted with him.

And where can people find out more about your stories?

My author booth at Cycon is here and my website is
I’m also active on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads

Finally, you can buy Turning the Hourglass at Black Rose Writing, Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

Thanks to Odin for hosting my post!

For more stops on our World-building Showcase, visit the tour page on the OWS CyCon website. You can also find more great Sci Fi authors and books on our main Sci Fi event page.

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My Top 5 Iconic Foods in Sci-Fi

If you are here from the OWSCyCon Top 5 Blog hop, Welcome! If not, welcome as well and be sure to check out some fun bookish events happening over at OWSCyCon in May! I will be hosting a digital panel, as well as participating ins some of the events. Hope to see you there!

For my Top 5 I have chosen the subject of food. How people eat in their worlds really fleshes out the environment and makes a culture come alive.

While I know this does not cover EVERYTHING, these are some of my personal favorites in my consumption of SciFi:

Instant Chicken from the Fifth Element


This pretty much sums up the glory days of meal-in-a-pill dreams thought up in classic SciFi. Who wouldn’t want a full roast chicken at the press of a button?

MacMeaties Patties from Invader Zim

Ahhhh yes, ingenuity! Without the funding to obtain space-age technology of perfect meat without germs, MacMeaties improvised by using napkins. DELICIOUS!

Bloodwine and Romulan Ale from Star Trek

Because you need drinks to go along with your food, why not something not safe for human consumption?

Suspiciously delicious cereal from Deus Ex

Anything with a picture of a gnome that claims to be “Suspiciously Delicious” has an A+ in my book.

The Phantom Space Ramen from Space Dandy

Perhaps the one that pulls closest to my heart, the Phantom Space Ramen. Made from the tears of a master maker with eons of experience, the deceptively simple bowl will leave you warm to the core inside every dimension.

And of course some honorable mentions, the rugged sustenance packs that provide nothing more than nourishment:

Blue Milk from Star Wars – Just gonna leave this here:

Grey goo from The Matrix  – Nothin’ like a fake steak to satisfy the cravings.

Nutrient Packets from the Chanur universe by C.J. Cherryh – Because you need a huge energy bomb before hyperspace travel.

Feel something missing? Let me know on Twitter!!

If you like colorful food descriptions and thrilling heroics, why not also check out my Cyberpunk work Sleepless Flame for vibrant street food scenes and colorful characters.

Hope to see you at CyCon!

Until Next Time!

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