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Odin Limps Toward Health And Other Crap

A looooong bout of silence, my apologies. I have a lot of new things going on in my life, some good. Some bad. Some EUGH. To those of you who are new here, HI! Welcome to my realm of absurdity where nothing is scheduled and timelines are meaningless.



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Mortimer has his first spine!!!

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Actually Mortimer unit B also has a spine by the time I am writing this BUT THAT’S BESIDES THE POINT! Unit C is holding steady at its current size, so I am not sure what he is feeling at the moment.

I also had to build a wire trellis for Legion because they were gettin a little too touchy-feely with my Kalanchoe. I also have a bit of a mold crisis that spread real quick along the entire planter, which I have been treating with a home made mold killer found on this site:

It’s beaten back the majority of the units, but I get puffs springing up here and there, and a few of the Kalanchoe’s blossoms have taken casualties.

Other than damage control, I also have a few specimens of moss on the way. Soon. And I bought another lamp because it has been overcast for the past week, and the scrubs haven’t been getting what they need. I am currently using my beading lamp, which is not a great solution. Moving the thing around every time I want to do something is obnoxious. The tree has yet to sprout, but my hopes weren’t high on that one.

If you’re new and want more information on my terrarium adventures, check out my previous posts HERE

Odin’s A Healthy Boi

LOOOOL, yeah. Nope.

However, with the blessing of health insurance, I am now making strides on diagnosing my chronic illness…about 12 years too late but HOORAYY!!! Not only that, I am also seeing actual professionals for my mental health. So that is fantabulous.

Have finally managed to get back in the water after a knee pain stint. Guess what? ODIN HAS ARTHRITIS!!! YAYYYY!!! As well as tendinitis. Wheeeeeeeee getting old is FUN. So I have trusty expensive braces to use during martial arts, as well as days when I actually go outside….And I got a pair of spiffy sleeves to go in the pool with. FITNESS!

Also finally managed to see a Neurologist about my chronic issues, and I get to take a road trip to Boston to get all sorts of things poked in me. In the meantime, I am supposed to be wearing compression socks all the time, so couple that with my knee braces, and I’m lookin like the fun-loving uncle ready to go to the beach.

I am also getting mangled in a new set of stretchy exercises from physical therapy meant to straighten my back, and It’s a joy to feel like processed hamburger once a week.


Just posted a cool series on a Joint Ring, and I am very very excited about it. More will probably be on the way:

Part 2 is coming up Tuesday, so be sure you are Subscribed if you want to see more.
I also got a commission to do a necklace based off this design. Using a delicious selection of purples, and a bigger crow skull. Yanno, because skulls.

And this month’s Patreon Design is definitely a summer project. Sunny flame goodness, plus super easy and quick to put together:

You can check it out on Patreon if you’d like:


Mourning Ember has been put on a bit of a halt while I work on content editing for a spiffy Cyberpunk Fantasy. I am almost finished with wave 1, so business will resume in the next few days.

But after that, IT IS CRUNCH TIME! I am aiming for a Halloween release, and I can just squeak that by if I can focus on it.


Not a whole lot in the realm of foods, but I did visit a “Food Truck Friday” at a local venue. It’s not as worldly as you would like it to be, but there was a fantastic Filipino truck that served empanadas and delicious skewers. The rice was cooked to perfection too!

They are also conveniently located to my doctor’s office…soooo I see Lumpia in my future~

There was also a Poutine truck which we went all out and got the Lobster Poutine. It was covered in a thickened bisque instead of gravy and oh man was it rich and delicious.


….it tastes better than it looks.

Lol celery crumble. BUT LO. A friend of mine had a bigass rhubarb bush and was like “U want some?” Uhhhh okay? And not knowing what the first thing to do with rhubarb, I googled it. Found a recipe for crumble.

Having tasted raw rhubarb, I also decided to add a half jar of raspberry jam so that it didn’t end up butthole clenchingly sour. And quite a success if I say so meself.

In terms of music, I’ve been pretty much listening to Azkez on repeat while doing this editing project. It is pretty much the perfect environmental ambiance to a witchy cyber world:

Welp, that’s about all that is happening in the realm of Odin. Tune in for more book updates, as well as the usual nonsensical ramblings that I feel the need to share publicly on the internets.

Until Next Time!


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