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Innovation Sci-Fi eBooks Giveaway!

Summer is coming…..and that is friggin HOT. It’s too hot to move or do anything, so what better time to get in some new reads then NOW. What’s better than new books? FREE BOOKS!

I am participating in the Innovation Sci-Fi ebooks giveaway, where not only will the winner get a copy of Sleepless Flame, but 34 other books, as well as a 24$ gift card to fill your eReaders with delicious treats! To find out more details on the giveaway, check out the Book Magnet here:

And if you are visiting from the giveaway, HELLO! Welcome to my world of absurdity. Pull up a chair and perchance a snack, and take a look at my tidbits offered. I am sure you will have fun here~

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