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Book Updates and Cyborgs

Had a bit of progress with the work, but before I get into that, I just wanted to tell you that I will be doing another panel over at the Fantasy and SciFi Reader’s Lounge on Facebook on Thursday, April 25th at 11am EST talking about Cyborgs and Ethics in my stories. I will also be talking about one of my favorite characters in the Sleepless Flame Universe

Full event details:

Interested in interacting with authors of Fantasy and Sci-Fi? Want a chance to win some awesome prizes and walk away with some great books? The Fantasy and Sci-Fi Reader’s Lounge will be presenting themed events for the month of April!

#FSFRL presents the Fantasy Sci-fi Reader’s Lounge Cyborgs/Robots Event! April 24-27! Join us and pick up some great cyborg and robot books during this action packed event! 

As for book progress, I have completed one chapter, and did some good progress on creating the skeleton of the next. I still haven’t thought of the story progress to cinch the gap between the time period I am working on now and the chunk of time at the end of the book where I know what is going to happen.

This week, I am aiming to finish ch 6 in Beta mode and do a good hard think on what’s next. But for a skeleton, she’s reasonably chonky:

I am pretty pleased with progress, given all the constraints and life issues happening. I met a few fantastic people over at the New England Speculative Writers Conference, and now I am more than ever itching to be productive.

I am also currently reading Death’s White Hands by S. R. Jones, and finding it quite a delightful bit of eldritch horror.

ALSO! I encountered THESE magical delights on a trip to Five Below:

If you love candy, and you love mangoes HOLY SHIT are these for you. They taste VERY realistic and the bag did not survive very long.

There are also some juicy updated rewards over on my Patreon, so if you like books and bookswag, check out the details!

But that’s about it from me. If you encounter some delicious treats, come poke me on twitter and tell me all about em!

Until Next Time!


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