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Mourning Ember Cover Reveal


…..sort of. I am kind of figuring out what I am doing but I WILL GET THERE!!!

You may have noticed a few changes in the site as I have been preparing for this exciting launch. Things have gone a bit smoother this time around….a small bit….


I am excited to announce that Mourning Ember, the sequel to Sleepless Flame will be releasing on HALLOWEEN this year~

This story is set on Nara’s home planet, and you get to learn a bit more about her upbringing. It is more of a traditional Space Opera instead of the fast-paced cyberpunk thriller that was told in Sleepless Flame.

You can Find out More about the setting and characters, I have a dedicated page for Mourning Ember here! But if you are too excited like I am, Pre-Orders are already available:

And, if you are new to the Sleepless Flame saga, it will be FREE between September 5th through the 9th! It is also n Kindle Unlimited now!!! So whatchu waiting for? GET IT!

The cover was illustrated by the fantabulous RinRinDaishi, and I did the typeography. BUT LOOKIT HOW GORGEOUS:

Thanks to all of you who have been fantastic Morale Officers and helped me bring this forward. I hope to see you again as the journey progresses <3

Until Next Time!


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