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September Updates and Spooky Shit

General Updates

Betwixt all the release madness, I am eagerly awaiting the spooky season with impatience! And it turns out corporate America is with me as halloween shit is beginning to appear in August! I could not contain myself and got some incredibly cute decorations.

This isn’t everything and I plan on having a spooky haul update on YouTube whenever I get around to it.

Essentially, more wall art, and some ridic bright LED batty lights that I put around my terrorium, an absolutely fucking ADORABLE hourglass featuring some stylized bats.

That skull jar is currently filled with cat toys because I had no other use for it at the moment:

For my plants I got this ridic cute grow lamp, but the hanging cord fixture I got for it did not have nearly enough output for it….or the dimmer switch was fucking with it, causing it to strobe in my face and cause migraines….so we’re not dealing with that right now. BUT ISN’T IT CUTE??????

I will have a Plant Saga update soon as I got some things to construct my second Terrorium where my Butterwort resides. I also had to remove the cover from the first one that I was using to protect it against cat chomps…..because he decided the cover was just as tasty. Fucking cat. I suppose it did its job. So I am seeking an alternative. Maybe one of those spiderweb tapestry cloths they sell this time of year.

shitlord >:[

Not a whole lot going on in the jewelry realm. I am taking it kind of easy to get prepared for launch. I have a Patreon tutorial and a youtube tutorial set up that are related, and I think it will turn out incredibly cute. I also had a commission for one of my bigass cuffs, which are always fun to orchestrate.

New Shit I experienced

I went outside for once! And I will have a full update post with glorious pictures coming soon. There were quite a few gourmand adventures as will including these…..aberrations:

I had a bit of a giggle when they printed my reciept:

Wow, galaxy twinks are cheap!

They have no discernible flavor. It’s vaguely fruity….ish. And I will not mention too many details on the resulting ingestion of thick blue dyes. Let’s just say shitting ecto-cooler is an experience.

Had a few interesting things at Burger King as well. Including their Impossible Whopper. I must say, I was incredibly pleased with it. The texture is almost indistinguishable from a processed meat patty. I think it is safe to say it is a perfectly reasonable substitute for a lot of fast food chains. Now you won’t fool anybody with an “artisan craft” burger at a local joint, but for convenience and fast food, it is an entirely acceptable substitute. If it is as easy and accessible as it was, I would be more than willing to swap over whenever I need a quick meal.

Then…..Burger King Crispy Tacos….

….I am ashamed to say it…..but they were actually pretty damned good. The shell TASTED like corn and was incredibly crunchy, and the meat flavors were well put together, and the lettuce and cheese were distinguishable ingredients. I dare say it is a contender for Taco Bell. If you have it available in your area, I recommend trying it.

In the makeup realm, I got a new palette from Sugarpill, and this was my first purchase from them ever. I have to say, HOLYSHIT I regret waiting this long to buy from them. I featured it in my latest GRWM video, but I will be doing a full review on it later.

Bookish Shit

If you haven’t heard already: MOURNING EMBER IS NOW UP FOR PRE-ORDER! Holy shiiiiiit! If you haven’t seen the trailer, DOITNOOOOOOW IT took way too many brain cells:

If you missed out on the Sleepless Flame freebie promo on Amazon, I am going to try and have it scheduled at .99 cents when Mourning Ember is closer to release to give y’all a good chance to get acquainted with the characters before the next chapter in the saga. However, it has just been released on Kindle Unlimited, so if you are a Prime user, you can check it out for free now!

Mourning Ember has also been featured in this awesome collection of New Releases! If you want to check out some other amazing indie authors, go view the collection here:

And! One of my author friends is has a new release! If you are into Superheroes and LGBT characters, check out Jeremy Flagg’s series:

Aight, that’s all from me!! WHEW. I anticipate the spooky and I hope you do too. As always feel free to come and say Hi over on my social medias.

Until Next Time!!


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