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Goth on a Beach

Despite that I am a homebody and possess a massive amount of resentment toward the sun, it was advised that I “go outside” from time to time. My area is apparently infamous for its coastal culture, and since I had a mission to retrieve some specific items for a friend, I figured I may as well make a day of it.

I came prepared

The drive was pleasant and despite the holiday weekend, it was relatively quiet. Which I was beyond thankful for. We began our mission at the Bixby & Co. Chocolate factory, which had an awesome assortment of goodies, and not just chocolate as you would expect. This was also where I got most of the gifts for said friend. I am plotting to go back there semi closer to the holiday season (but not too close >:[)

The lady serving us was not amused by my description of “Butthole Chocolate” to explain something super dark and bitter. Oh well.

Next we ventured off to Owl’s Head Lighthouse to do a bit of whatever the touristy thing to do is whenever you are at a lighthouse. Now Lighthouses aren’t exactly my thing but the area was quite pretty. Then we had an obligatory visit to the gift shop where we got a few goodies and a book for a gift. Plus I am always a slut for an enamel pin. There was a “Museum” type of area….which was one room. But it did have some cool pieces of old tech which I always like to see.

After that, it was the beaching time. It was a rock beach, which I was more than thankful for. We did a little combing, and I found a couple interesting things for my terrorium, but the only semi decent piece of beach glass was eaten by my shirt pocket because it was so small. After that we did a bit of climbing……a SMALL bit….to recover because we are old farts with tired bones. We enjoyed the view for as long as our asses could handle the sharp crags.

And, of course, what spooky trip would it be without an obligatory cemetery view. It was positioned just outside the park, which I thought kind of strange. There are family cemeteries EVERYWHERE here, however, so I suppose it’s not out of the ordinary. I didn’t get a good look at the names, but if I were to guess (or dream up some fantastical fiction) they might have been previous attendants of the lighthouse.

And then our famished bodies demanded sustenance, so we did what any self-respecting coastal tourist would do and got ourselves a goddamned lobster roll. Fuck Yes.

After that glorious conclusion, we set home where I promptly melted onto the bed for the next day or two.

I did enjoy myself and this spontaneous outing. Perhaps I may do it again since there was actually a lot to see. And I may also bring you along with me!

But for now, I will leave it here.

Until Next Time!


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