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Plant Saga – A home for the Carnivore

I have still yet to name my Butterwort but they have friends now! And I have been postponing putting it together since I had no idea what to do with the second terrorium. I know I wanted to make it a graveyard theme, but all the tiny tombstones from Michaels were mostly sold out. And I wasn’t about to pay what they were charging for them.


I was originally going to use a wet foam block to give more of a lip to the opening, but seeing how much of a pain in the ass it would be with all the painting and I didn’t particularly felt like inhaling foam dust so I chucked that idea in the bin.

I got these clover seeds from PlantGoodSeed on Etsy and decided to try the previous unsuccessful seeds again. The echeveria was TINY and LIGHT so I am not even sure they landed in the soil.


It wasn’t as bad as I thought, since I was able to basically make a landscape with just potting soil. I used a combination of the cactus mix and the carnivore since I was too lazy to buy regular potting soil, so we will see what happens.

I then build a small base for the pots to sit on with large rocks and constructed a tiny pathway using the glass chonks I got on clearance from the summer shit at Michaels.

It was fiddly as fuck, not gonna lie. Once I had everything set up where I wanted, I fidgeted with the soil levels, which as a result buried some of the rocks. And instead of brushing the dirt away I just piled more rocks on, which exposed more soils aaannd……

Whatever. Finally got finished. I then sowed some clover seeds everywhere and pushed em in a little bit. Then I watered the soil……

Which because I didn’t have a watering vessel with a spout turned into an irrigated mess and burying the rock path AGAIN.

Ten minutes of fidgeting later, I finally had a structure I was happy with (read: gave up on)


After placing the pots back in, a little extra fidgeting, I stuck in my plastic shovel and a few extra glitter potions I had on hand. Then the final touch of shoving two flat-ish rocks at the lip of the jar, and it’s complete! Not too bad of a barrier and semi-cat resistant. (I said RESISTANT, not PROOF)

I am quite pleased with the results! It is so cute!!! And now it is finished!


…there’s a *little* more room. I also have this purple skull jar that is empty right now….

All I need now is another cord to get my pumpkin light on and all will be good!

Until Next Time!


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