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ODIN RETURNS Also Cortisone Injections HURT

HAHAHAHAHAH Y’all THOUGHT I’d be getting sleep.

I have SOMANY updates to talk about but I am very very behind on things that have happened in the realm of the Odin. I am just doing a summary right now, but with a few subjects there will be dedicated posts for upcoming.

Health Updates

So because my body hates being leashed with my brain, it likes to fuck up at random moments. For the utmost sin of waking up, my neck thrashed around and said FUCK YOU. And since I did not have the four days required to sit in bed and do nothing while it resets, and I have insurance, I actually went to the doctor.

Where I discovered that CORTISONE INJECTIONS FUCKING SUCK. Seriously that was the single most painful shot I had ever had in my life. And this was after he was pressing into the affected nerve like a bruise that someone just keeps ramming their thumb into. It’s better now, I still hate to turn my neck around and I’m still icing it, but at least I was able to do work.

Other than that, a whole lot of other bullshit in regards to insurance and paperwork, but I’d rather not get into it. Then with all this work I’ve obviously fell off the exercise and diet band wagon, which is amplified by a hint of depression but hey, what can you do?

Plant Updates

Plants were doing okay but then had to sacrifice one of my bitey bois due to some sort of blight. The little guy was flowering too. So I don’t fucking know what was going on, I am guessing root rot since the soil was overly moist and I was trying to control some mold growing on my miniature fences. Also I got miniature fences. My butterwort is doing splendidly though, and is hunting well!

Writing Updates

Book cover of Mourning Ember

AHHHHHHHh It’S FINALLY done!!! Everything is prepared….mostly. Mourning Ember is up for release This HALLOWEEN!!! Pre-orders for the eBook are already up. And if you have intended on purchasing, pre-orders are the best time to do so as it tells Amazon “Yes, this book is actually neat.” and will show it to other people.

The paperbacks will be up on Halloween too, I just can’t set them up for Preorder because…..idfk reasons.

This project was a total struggle and I will get gushy on a later post when it is released. All I will say is GATDAMN

Jewelry Updates

I did a small commission of a wide herringbone cuff, which is neat.

I also went to a convention where this was posted on the wall:

I am surprised I lasted all weekend without getting kicked out….

Right now I am trying to haul ass on this month’s Halloween festivities. As I have been saying repeatedly, I know *what* I am doing, I just have to *do* them. Currently I am working on a two-part project for the main channel Here is a hint: Eternity Bracelet and Spiderwebs. This will be up this Tuesday so be sure you are subscribed.

After the first part, I will be hauling ass on October’s Patreon design as well. Especially since I am planning on wearing it to a wedding this weekend. Hint for that: Joint Ring. Spooky Dragon. Teaser picsx and supply lists will be posted soon, but if you want access to the tutorial, consider joining me over on Patreon.

Then I also have some exciting things in the Mixed Media realm. Namely a product from LC Clay So stay tuned for updates on that

New Things Odin Tries

Back in September I went to a fair! And there were animals! And so many bunnies! And goth chikins :3 More on that later.

After a failed appointment requiring a three hour drive, I got some ramen, so the journey wasn’t all bad. Also there was a John Fluevog store in the area and I am SO UPSET that I didn’t go in ;-; But I also didn’t have a spare $300 to take home a pair of Lestats so…..there’s that

More in the foodie realm, A friend of mine sent me SNACK!!!! A whole case of Bissli because I had never tried them before. Also a case of hazelnut stuffed Bamba, because I am obsessed with those. She got them for me as a celebration of a finished manuscript ;-;

And more on the new food realm, I did a swap with the Lady of Faewood on YouTube involving regional snacks!

And lastly, I will have a couple reviews upcoming from a new (to me) indie perfume co! My first order teaser:


Anyways, with all that being said, check back for updates on everything. And feel free to utter words at me on the Twatter.

Until Next Time!


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