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Mourning Ember Has Arrived!

Today, on the spookiest of days, marks the release of a new chapter for Nara and her crew. What trials will fall upon Nara and her companion as she is called back to the home that turned its back on her?

Read a sample excerpt, and check out the book here:

It’s available as Paperback too, and FREE on KDP for those who have Prime.

Have no idea who this character is? Check out the blog for more details, and take a look at the first book, Sleepless Flame here:

I suppose this is the time to project my mushy feels about the project, but honestly I am a very tired potato. The shock of it all has not hit me yet, as I still have a lot to do. Maybe once I have caught my breath a little, then I can watch the train hit me.

But in any case, this was certainly an adventure. I hope you all enjoy the next chapter, and I appreciate every single one of you who follow the trials of Nara.

<3 Odin

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