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Poisonous Potions by Sucreabeille

It’s that time again where I indulge in delightful smelly goodness and share with you my impressions.

Today I have a new (to me) brand to examine! It’s one that has been on my radar for quite some time. I am sharing with you Sucreabeille. They are on a similar vein as Hexennacht and Little and Grim, though the aesthetic reminds me a little of romantic Victorian parlors. Most of the fragrances also have little microfics attached to them, which adds to the charm of each scent.

There are a lot of bookish themes, like GoT and Harry Potter, as well as delightful seasonal fragrances that are sure to delight.

Being a fan of the alchemical/apothecary aesthetic, my first purchase was their Lovely Little Deaths collection, as well as two “dupes” from a popular brand of bath products.

Now before we get to it, obligatory disclaimer: chemistry is unique and magical on every body. so just because *I* do or don’t like something, doesn’t mean you will/won’t. I invite you to try whatever regardless, especially if there are notes you enjoy.

So without further ado:

Let’s start with the dupes. I purchased a 1mL of Ice Queen and Whip it good, reminiscent of my two absolute favorite fragrances from Lush. And they are SO ACCURATE. It made me cackle deviously as I am wont to do. The 1mL size is also inside tiny jars, which is so much better packaging than the clear tubes with the wands. Much less spillage, and you get quite a few uses out of them.

Onto the main event:

Venom Scent notes: Oud wood, smoked patchouli, coal, freshly paved tar, cedarwood.

OOB: A lot lighter than I would have expected with these notes, cedar and hint of mechanical. On the skin it’s pleasently woody, fir-like but not like you’ve been beaned with a freshly cut tree trunk. Later on it softens to a more sweet, almost fruity incense that is pleasing to the senses.

Wormwood Scent notes: anise, freshly ground cloves, dalmatian sage, frankincense.

OOB: Frankincense and Sage, Autumny blend. Fresh on anise is the frontrunner, blended with sage. LOVE this one. Reminds me of a witchy shop. The frankincense lasts the longest here.

Chloroform Scent notes: a bouquet of fresh-blooming frangipani, gardenia, jasmine, and honeysuckle, redolent indole, Egyptian musk.

……ohdear. This one I knew was polarizing to begin with, and I thought I would be lucky.
OOB:….butthole. Specifically: cat butthole. I can discern the other notes behind it but that unrelenting force just couldn’t let anything else speak. Eventually I had to google the notes, and found that the indole is the culprit.

Despite that, I put it on my skin anyways thinking that some form of alchemy would alter it. And it does. To a point. I can smell the florals, honeysuckle primarily, but that afterwaft of the indole plays with the memory of the first sniff from the bottle, and I can’t get it out of my head. It didn’t last long before I washed it off.

I can *see* its appeal, but nope not for me.

Nightshade Scent notes: a big glass of whiskey, sandalwood, amber, real ylang ylang.

OOB: Punchy whiskey and herbs. On the skin I describe it as a refreshing masculine -ish scent, though a trace of powder is in the background which I am not partial to. Later on it blends into an indistinguishable sweetness and the powder dies off. Love this one.

Arsenic Scent notes: antique lace, gasoline, old books, fresh vanilla bean.

OOB: Familiar and fruity? Almost melon like – which is weird since no fruits are mentioned. On the skin I can describe it as a vintage softness, which I think comes fromt he lace and gasoline. A very sophisticated scent that reminds me a lot of Anne of Green Gables.

Belladonna Scent notes: A freshly picked red rose, old leather, white musk.

OOB: the shiniest leather couch that you can almost hear its squeaks and crinkles. Primarily you get the rose on the skin, which is the freshest rose scent I have ever encountered. Smells exactly like it’s just been cut. Then a hint of the leather, but it fades on me which makes me sad. the rose lingers for a long time blended with the musk to soften it up.

For an added bonus I was send a 5mL bottle of Bezoar to try out!
Scent notes: A rich, decadent gourmand of double salted caramel, marzipan, and coumarin, with a dash of old teakwood

OOB: SWEET. And a hint of antique wood, like a finished piece of furniture. Definitely a gourmand fragrance, but this blend sort of reminds me of an antique shop.

Overall, I really enjoyed the offerings I got here. The prices are on the upper end of mid range, but there is ample opportunity to buy smaller volumes as well as sample packs to save you a bit of money before committing to the huge 1oz size bottles.

Turn around time is (as I am writing this) two weeks, which while a longer wait, is certainly not as long as some places I have ordered from before.

In addition, they have an awesome Facebook Group which the proprietors are very active on. They are always engaging their audience about the daily life and production, as well as asking for requests and feedback to improve their brand. This is definitely a place I would recommend if you are looking for something different in the indie perfume realm.

Stay tuned for more from this brand, I have a couple more exciting adventures with these scents!

Until Next Time!


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