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Okay, so, this post is long overdue but I am still doing it because ANIMALS. SOMANY FUZZY THINGS. AND I LOVE THEM ALL.

Towards the end of the fall (September? Maybe? IDK time is a social construct.) I took a trip up to the Commonground Fair that happens every year because I wanted to pet a horse and buy succulents. Sadly, they had a very strict NO TOUCHY policy.

But I did meet this beautiful girl. Her name is Freya and she is a Shire and she is beautiful and I told her as much.


There were other dashing fellows t hat I wanted to snuggle:

There was also a donkey show huehuehue

The lad dressed as a taco won fyi

And this calf givin no fucks chillin in the sun

No fucks given

There were also bunnies. SO MANY BUNNIES.

Poofy bunnies, spotted bunnies, goth bunnies. Though a lot of them were pretty spooked from all the people and noise, so I tried to go by quickly without bothering them.


There was also a goth cock, but I only got a fuzzy photo of him.


The grounds were chock full of vendors and farmers stands to buy delicious things as well as goods that you didn’t know you needed until you saw it.


And, of course, PLANTS. I was hunting for a very specific succulent vendor and I FOUND THEM. Took home these bitey bois and another Haworthia

You bet your ass there’s going to be another chapter in the PLANT SAGA. A lot has happened.

We also came home with a lot of FAT LOOTS:

The food vendors were also AMAZING, but FUCKING EXPENSIVE. I would have had pictures, but by that time we were tired from getting up at the ass crack of dawn and it was still in the death throes of summer so we were boiling and not functioning properly. BUT! We did share a lamb kabob, as well as TEMPURA FRIED SHIITAKE MUSHROOMS. And they were just as magical as they sound. Washed it down with a very expensive lemonade that was unfortunately sweetened by honey, which I do not like one bit.

And after all that, we headed home, managed to find our way to our beds and sleep for days. That is my adventure. Will probably go next year because there is fuckall else to do in this place.

Until Next Time!


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