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Scents for a Cause – DIVONA

Obligatory FTC Disclaimer: I am not being paid to review this product. All opinions are my own. Product was sent to me as PR.

Buckle up buckaroos, it is time for another scent review! And this one is very very special.

DIVONA is a new sister store to Sucreabeille, but has a completely different aesthetic with more of a luxurious aura. Straying away from the darker, gothier tones, this brand is a female-identifying centered brand that focuses on empowerment and confidence. It is also a cruelty free brand, which is SUPER rare in the mainstream perfume industry.

Unlike Suc, these are alcohol based fragrances as opposed to perfume oils. The difference is carrier ingredients, as well as personal preference of the wearer. I myself find it easier to distinguish notes from oils, while eau de parfumes tend to blend together into something different altogether.

What is even better, proceed of this brand go toward Redefining Refuge – a nonprofit that helps rehabilitate trafficking survivors.

With all that awesomeness being said, let’s get to the product.


The packaging was elegant, the box printed with the simple, clean lines of the branding. Through the box, all the smells blended together and yet nothing clashed. For some reason, it took me back to the scents I used to get from Hot Topic, which is not a bad thing at all.

I was sent a sampler pack of all twelve of their scents to try out. The illustrations and artwork are gorgeous, all in theme to their message.

Each card presents the scent notes and inspiration behind the fragrance. The sample vial is large enough to let you get familiar with the scent and decide if you like it or not.


The perfumes in the shop are organized into three columns, each representing one of the four elements. The row of each element goes from left to right based on the “strength” of the scent, which are categorized as “Graceful” (soft), “Inspired” (moderate), and “Majestic” (strong).

You can also get sample kits based on elements, or based on how strong of a persona you want to impress on people in their Strength kits:

On each of the scent pages, the suggested products are the other two perfumes in the same element, as well as the sample pack of the element:


Now, I am usually not very good at discerning notes of these types of perfumes. I usually smell it and go “Huh, that smells like perfume.” Followed by “This smells good.” or “This smells like Old Lady.”


Here I did my best to describe the impressions of the scents, what they evoked, as well as a general comparison of familiar smelly things. Overall, these are what can be considered “feminine” scents, but that has never stopped me from smelling like a candy coated goblin. So there.

What surprised me the most about this line of fragrance is that a lot of them have very similar notes, and yet, none of them smell the same. WHAT WITCHCRAFT IS THIS????

Insert obligatory “My body funk is different from everyone else’s body funk and what I smell could be completely different from others experience due to science.” Aight. We good? Good.

AuriaOzone, melon, Blackberry, rose, Vanilla, ambrette, musk
Fizzy and soft, sweet floral. Soft musk, light on me. Blackberry comes through the strongest.

Zephyr (Air, Inspired) – Green, citrus, apricot, pineapple, coconut, Jasmine, lily of the valley, herbs, rosebuds, Musk, powder, wood, leather
Fruity, Pineapple reigns at the forefront. Bright, with very soft floral hint of musk. I found this to be a great boost in the morning when you really just don’t want to human.

Calima (Air, Majestic)- Grapefruit, green, peach, white citrus, Hyacinth, herbs, rose, Musk, wood
Soft floral, brigth and clean, citrus. Nice, but it didn’t leave a deafening impression on me.

Spark (Fire, Graceful) – Red grape, coconut, Gardenia, violet, herbs, Nuts, sugar
Fruity with a floral background. Refreshing, hint of sweetness.

Ember (Fire, Inspired) – Citrus, peach, raspberry, apple, Rose, jasmine, violet, herbs, lily, Musk, vanilla, smoke, pine
Bright and citrusy, fruity notes peek through with a soft whiff of smoke as it is worn. According to the quizzes (ofc I took both) Ember was an assured winner. I do enjoy it quite a bit, so I may get this one.

Lux (Fire, Majestic)- Blackberry, blueberry, ozone, bergamot, Jasmine, lily, lavender, Powder, vanilla, wood, musk, tonka bean
Fruity and fizzy, hint of florals. Bright, sweet. Like a more sophisticated, adult form of Snow Fairy from Lush.

Brook (Water, Graceful) – Green, citrus, apple, peach, berries, Lavender, rose blossom, peony, lily of the valley, Musk, powder, sandalwood
This one is watery, kind of woodsy with hints of floral. The powder came through on the heavier side and mixed with the lavender. This was the only one that I was not partial to.

Coral (Water, Inspired)- Green, tropical fruits, coconut, Rose, magnolia, lily of the valley, Musk, wood, ambergris
Green and more floral, I can discern magnolia and a hint of tropical fruits. Later on it settles into a softness and sweetness.

Siren (Water, Majestic) – Pineapple, lemon, green apple, Rose, lily, mint, Powder, musk, wood, vanilla
Fruity, crisp like apple/pineapple. Hint of sweet, hint of powder in back then softens to a sweet musk.

Willow (Earth, Graceful)- Grapefruit, ozone, green, bergamot, berries, Tuberose, orchid, Vanilla, rosewood, sandalwood
This one was very soft on me.Very green and sweet, vaguely citrusy, hint of sandalwood. I’d describe it as Bright with a subtle hint of grapefruit and vanilla that has an overarching green note shadowing it all.

Briar (Earth, Inspired)- Citrus blend, green, melon, Rose, honeysuckle, lily of the valley, papaya, Musk, cedar, vanilla
This one was soft on me, Green and Floral – Fresh Rose. It sadly faded on me.

Sierra (Earth, Majestic)- Ozone, peach, plum, citrus, Honey, tuberose, jasmine, lavender, Musk, wood, chocolate
An almost astringent quality, but not in a bad way, The ozone is fizzy, fruity with a hint of floral. Reminds me of sour candy gummies. Later the floral comes forward with the chocolate. This one sadly faded on me quickly, which makes me sad because I really really enjoyed this.

I was transported to a magical land of delightfully scented fragrances. My recommendation would be to either take the quiz and find something to try, or go in on a sampler kit and try them all for yourself. This would also make a fantastic gift for someone special in your life.

But other than that, I highly recommend getting something from here, especially if you are a perfume collector such as myself. Not only are you supporting Indie, which I have a personal space in my heart for, you are also supporting a good cause.

Until Next Time!


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