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Mmmmm Delicious! Sucreabeille Concoctions!

Obligatory “These were sent to me as PR but I am not being paid to promote this brand. All opinions are my own.”

I am already a big fan of Sucreabeille and have done a review on the brand before during some Halloween collections, but this Time I come bearing news of a hefty example of their repertoire.

As a whole I really love this brand. The owner is the sweetest person ever, and the company is just very genuine and engaging with their audience. They also do a lot to help out the indie artist community, which is so amazing.

For those unfamiliar with the brand, they offer a wide variety of fragrances for a plethora of tastes in both oil and extrait forms. They also offer a multitude of sizes, so you can try as much as you like. I love their sample sizes personally because they come in jars as opposed to the teeny ampules that more often than not lead to tragic accidents. And they also hold more product, so you really get a chance to get familiar with the scent.

The price range is about mid level, comparable to BPAL or other indie brands of larger size.

So now I present to you my impressions of the delights that I have had the opportunity to try out:


Of course, my body stank is different from your body stank, so what I experience may be totally different from what you do. If the notes sound interesting, I’d say go for it despite my foaming ramblings.

The Kraken – Scent notes: murky deep ocean water, fresh sea moss, rich amber, metal
This is a Halloween limited special, which makes me VERY sad. This is probably one of the most magical ocean scents I have ever tried. It’s almost citrusy, very fresh and aquatic. Sharp, the sea notes and water lingers. It is very neutral. This one I got in the 10mL rollerball and I love how sturdy the bottles used are.

Byzantine – Scent notes: many strong cups of black tea, burnt sugar, a library of old books, leather.
I get leathery parchment, with a sweet and floral tea. Like a scorched papyrus kind of thing with spice. I smell like a librarian, which is a great thing. It softens with wear but lingers.

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. – Scent notes: your mother’s expensive cold cream that she dutifully applied every night and now you do, too, mixed with fragrant, sumptuous black cherries.
I get mostly cherry yogurt here, kind of reminds me of a fancy soap shop. I am not partial to it, but I know it is VERY popular.

Pumpkin Spice Pandemic – Scent notes: Pumpkin spice is the star of this sexy scent, in combination with some spicy chai tea. Burnt sugar, like marshmallows roasted on a campfire, and a bit of that campfire’s smoke, to boot. Because it’s the apocalypse and the world is burning, there’s a quick hit of tar when it’s first applied; but that fades into the delicately sexy, sweet, and spicy blend of pumpkin, chai, smoke, and burnt sugar. Everyone’s gonna want a bite out of you.

SPICE SMACKS YOU IN YOUR GOB HOLY SHITBALLS. It’s like a sweet, spice, carmelly pumpkin bread. it then mellows out and turns, to me anyway, kind of anisey. I like that one, and if you’re into pumpkin spice, this one’s a go-to.

Beekeeper’s Daughter – Scent notes: pure honeycomb, freshly harvested from the hive; a blooming herb garden full of clary sage, fennel, and thyme; peach blossoms and a touch of medicinal camphor.
This one is quite a lovely blend. I get Sage and Fennel up front with a bit of wood. Camphor and sweetness. The honey is not heavy handed here, which I prefer since I am one of those freaks that is not partial to it.

Smoke and Decay – Scent notes: warm snickerdoodle cookies dipped in buttercream frosting, campfire wood smoke, crisp red apple, Indian sandalwood, a freshly poured oatmeal stout, orange spiced chai tea.
I was bemused by this one (YES THAT’S THE PROPER USE OF IT DAMMIT) Is is carmel? Apple and smoke? I get a bit of woodsy notes and not very sweet, despite the notes.

Cup of Ambition – Scent Notes: Sticky marshmallow, three kinds of coffee, no limits
COFFEE. Sweetness in the back, mostly of vanilla. The exact waft of a Gloria Jean’s

Blood Rose – Scent Notes: English rose, honey, sea salt, dragonsblood.
HOLY. FUCK. YES. I need it. The rose is incredibly fresh and the honey binds together with the potency of dragonsblood.

You’re In A Cult, Call Your Dad – Scent notes: Flannel, Sedona trees, Bergamot tea, snickerdoodle cookies
I get cookies and….softness? Hard to describe. Perhaps that is the flannel. I also get the woodsy note here.

Mouthy Broad – Scent notes: a cloud of cigar smoke, freshly picked roses, a full glass of whiskey
Soft musk, the rose and whiskey are the front runners here. The rose in this one I didn’t like that much. It tones down with war and a sweetness comes forward.

#HeyConfessors – Scent Notes: Fluffy pillows of marshmallows billow on a dish of salted caramels dusted with nutmeg and toasted sugar drizzles
Carmel syrup in an oil form. The toasty note gets a little on the candle-y side. Not one I enjoyed that much.

Due South – Scent Notes: Hot red sands, exotic spices weave through petals of black jasmine, dragon’s blood and ocean spray
THIS ONE. YES. GOOD. Another Dragonsblood favorite. It’s spicy, sweet. The jasmine and salt comes through with wear and it is just so well rounded.

The Librarian – Scent notes: A library full of all the books in the world. The Librarian takes notes and catalogues while sipping a large mug of hot buttered rum laced with espresso. A whisper of patchouli follows her through the stacks.
Coffee and….sage? Dust? It’s definitely coffee with a whiff of patchouli and sweet rum or cream. The patchouli is the last thing that lingers. I like it, it’s different.

Rictus – Scent notes: A funereal wreath of white lilies and black orchids sprinkled with a dusting of graveyard dirt. A somber wake feast of dark chocolate drenched raspberries and a shot of dark rum
LOVE this one. Chocolate, liqueurs? Violet? Basically a booze floral. With raspberry. Raspberry is one of my amp notes so this one worked well for me.

A lot of these were in the gourmand category, which is nice, but not particularly my preferred genre. I definitely want to explore the more woodsy, earthy, and spicy realm.

And that’s it! If you’re looking for some delicious scents to give as a gift or treat yourself, check out Sucreabeille’s offerings!

It’s been a busy season for me, and I am trying to get the last-minute rush completed before I figure out a way to chill for a bit. I will probably resume my ramblings and updates in the next year!

Until Next Time!


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